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Description Tips and Examples of Posters for New Clubs
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Posters for Club Start-up 

Posters are a relatively easy and cost-effective way to promote your new club and/or first demo meeting. Remember to give them IMPACT - they often have to compete for the reader's attention among several other posters and notices. Use bright colours and consider using relevant pictures or images (ask around to find someone who is good at creative design or computer layout).

Make them POSITIVE - don't just dwell on the negatives of nerves - promote the positives of powerful and persuasive speaking. Make them ENCOURAGING - say that all guests are welcome and do not have to speak (unless they want to). Make sure you include all RELEVANT information without making the poster too "wordy" - time, date and location of meeting and give a NAME and CONTACT DETAILS. Don't forget to include your Club WEBSITE and/or D71 WEBSITE.

What else? Focus on the BENEFITS of gaining confidence and mention the FRIENDLY, SUPPORTIVE members.

Have a look at these examples of posters for new Clubs:

Finally, two things to remember about putting-up posters:

1) If you hand them to a receptionist or another to put-up, go back to check that the posters ARE actually up
2) Libraries/community centres often replace posters after a couple of weeks, so you might need to keep checking that your poster is still there!