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Description Explanation of the settings for your club officers in the Control Panel
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The Club Officers Control Panel 

The club officers control panel is used to define the names and system authorities for your club officers.
Once your club is running smoothly on the system it is unlikely that you will make any changes using the control panel.
(These same controls are used for all levels from District through to Club but, for simplicity, I will use 'club' for this article)

You may access the Club Control features of the system by clicking on the hot-link 'Club Control Panel' at the bottom of all screens (just above the Toastmaster copyright notice).
Note that the link is only visible if you are logged in AND are authorised as system administrator for your club AND have your own club selected.

(Assigning the current occupant to each position is achieved through the Club Executive List screen which presents a list of officers and the current occupant of each position but also gives the possibility to assign a different member to each position if you have authority to do this - see below)

The club officers control panel lists all the club officers that have been defined for your club. You may add or delete officers or change the system permissions associated with each one.

For each officer you will see:
Office: e.g. Vice President of Education
Abbreviation: e.g. VP-E
List Order: The numbers entered here are used to sort the officer list when presenting it to members and guests.

The next field is either (for clubs)
Send 'refusal' email to this officer? You may request that the system keeps a watch for members who are perhaps losing interest in your club and send an e-mail so that a club officer may contact them and offer encouragement. The club officers who will receive this e-mail is set here. Conditions to send the e-mail is set in the Club Control Panel.
or (for District, Division or Area)
Send COT completion e-mail to this officer? The e-mail listing attendees at Club Officer Training will be copied to the District, Division and Area officers who have this request set and an officer from one of their clubs was in attendance.

Display in list of club officers? Some 'officers' may be for internal use only and not shown in the officer list presented to members and guests. (They will still be shown on the edit screen but are in italics)

There are then a series of authority switches. The occupant of each officer position will be able to take these actions on the system if the switch is set to 'yes'.

Access to Club Control Panel: Access and change the club settings in the control panel.
Be very careful with this - no more than one or two members with good IT skills should have access to this area!
Create/change meeting dates and times: Create meetings, change meeting dates, times and theme.
Edit meeting agenda: * Add delete or change the lines on the agenda (e.g. add another speaker)
Assign members to roles: * Assign members to each role and mark off those that telephone to say that they will/will not attend.
Assign speeches for meetings: * Assign speeches from the 'queue' to the agenda for a meeting.
Send meeting e-mail: * Send the meeting e-mails reminding, assigning roles, asking for volunteers etc.
Update meeting with Actuals: Update the meeting after the event with which member took each role, attended etc.
Update meeting templates: Allows a changed meeting agenda to replace an existing agenda template or create a new one.
Send e-mail to all club members: Use the 'club e-mail' facility to send an e-mail to all members or to club officers.
Change member data: Use the member profile screen to change the status of a member (e.g. from visitor to member) and to assign a mentor.
This authority switch also gives this officer access to the Club Executive List to assign members to each position on the executive.
The third setting for this switch 'also change personal data' allows this officer to edit telephone numbers and address and to upload a profile photograph for club members.
Officer is VPE Yes for the VPE in your club (whatever they are called). Gives access to the mentor data (role statistics and attendance if enabled in the club control panel) for all members.
Moderate photo album: Approve newly uploaded photographs to the club photo album.

Note that the 'meeting manager' for each meeting is also able to take any of the actions marked above with an * (but will only be able to assign speeches for a meeting if permission for this has been set in the Club Control Panel)

Use the Club Officers List each year to assign the new club officers.
You only need to access the Club Officers Control Panel if you create a new job or change the name of an existing one.
If you access the Club Officers List and are an officer of the club with permissions to 'change member data' you will be presented with a method to select the member for each officer position.

      * If your club uses easy-Speak data management features on this site a series of drop-down boxes will allow you to select a club member to assign to each officer position.


    * Otherwise, you will see an option to assign a username to each position and a button to search for the correct user by entering part of their first or second name