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District 107 Andorra, Portugal and Spain

District 108 Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

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District U Undistricted Clubs in Europe

Author malw  Date 03 Jan 14, 18:49  Views 9719
Description This document lists the changes made in each version of the system
Category Using This Site  Type Information
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easy-Speak information

System update log

Version 2.11 - 1st January 2014

Mobile agenda available for smartphones of all types which incudes: booking attendance and confirming roles, a 'timer view' with pop-up timing of the roles, SMS messaging to club members, location interface to satnav...
Google analytics at the site and club level
Cookie approval (required by law in Europe
Language enabled in preparation for language selection as a user option

Additional utilities for District administrators confirming club details with TI data and adding location geocoordinates
Further anti-spam checks on visitor contact form
'Virtual' meeting locations to support online meetings
Updates to Google maps
Updated member details screen with status history in the club
Updated to latest TI dashboards
Enhanced view_meeting screen to identify the roles which are not yet advised to the member
Further changes to e-mail to identify the sender more clearly
New web-part to display club DCP history
Image uploads now re-sized automatically on transfer

Version 2.10a - 13th April 2013

Web calendar to feed iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, Microsoft Outlook on Windows and Mac, OS X Calendar
Admin maps which lay out a District or Division with the Divisions or Areas colour coded
Updates to use a site 'do_not_reply' in place of the sender's mail address and reduce the spam bounces

Version 2.10 - 10th March 2013

New Club wizard to make it easy to add any chartered Club by copying address, meeting times etc from
Added standardised 'Template' clubs which can be selected as a source for agenda layouts
Updated Club Control Panel, Admin Control Panel and User edit screens with improved tabular layout
Added member status history records so that, for example, a past meeting will continue to show Speakers as 'member' even if they have now left the Club
Additional validation on various items in the Club Control Panel to try to reduce configuration errors
Additional level of District Administrators created to devolve the maintenance.
Additional features for District management of the directory, comparing records from this site with, providing an overall 'fix all clubs to match the TI Area & Division' and fill in any missing layers.
An overall recalculation of the geocoordinates for Area|Division|District to contain all Clubs in their map.
Updated text editor to resolve compatibility issues in newer versions of some web browsers.
Various cosmetic and bug fixes

Version 2.9 - 1st February 2012

New file import routine for adding club members when starting on easy-Speak. The VPE may use the club roster XLS file downloaded directly from or the previous CSV file.
Modified portal to allow multiple Districts within a single installation of the software to run their own PR and Member pages at District and Division level.
New level of system administrator created to give full access across a District or Division.
Various enhancements requested by users; better processing of 'any club' on speech requests, last survey date on OTM and survey, detailed OTM results screen, search added on forum heading
Various bug fixes to speech request and new user functions.
Logging of changes in member status
Edit now permitted for uploaded speeches.

Version 2.8b - 28th December 2011

Ability to start the CL and DTM process over again and repeat speech manuals.
Personal goals added for the leadership track.
Easy link to Mike Raffety's DCP information for each Club|Area|Division
Reworked screen for adding new users to the club allowing easier selection to connect existing users.
Speech introductions now printed on a new report with full speech details and objectives.
Modified the userlist screen to aid membership management, allow multiple addresses on e-mail and allow the Treasurer to keep track of payments
Easy WOTD selection and entry into the agenda.
Improvements to member survey and interests screens.
Requested speeches now shown on signup page.
New club option to advise mentors|selected officers when a member adds a speech request.
Streamlined process for adding new clubs.
View-meeting screen enhanced to use expandable sections - making it easier for clubs with lage vistor and guest populations.
Changes to the CL summary so that completed sections are now dated is US format (to make it easier to complete the CL award screen at
Users are now prompted for a comment when declining a meeting role.
Bug fix to prevent lost data when a past meeting with ex-members taking a role is re-opened.

Version 2.8a - 12th September 2011
This software release provides you with a totally intgegrated environment covering both your promotional needs and your club administration.

Some of the obvious benefits of this are that information such as your future meetings and contact details for club officers are fully automatic and the ability to change the website transfers to the incoming officers each year.

We have created a six page website for each club to get you started.
Details of those pages and how to change them for your own club are here
You may make any changes that you want to your pages or add new ones with the click of a mouse.
All pages may be changed on-the-page by entering text or dragging-and-dropping the pieces around or adding new web-parts from the library that we have created.
All relevant pages are offered Social Media links - to make it easy for anyone to 'like' or 'tweet' about your next meeting for example.
RSS feeds are provided on the website pages, the blog and discussion forum.
Icons and links for your club Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, youTube and Google+ pages are presented if you have added them in the Club Control Panel

Version 2.8 - 20th August 2011

Install new TI branding and prepare the next easy-Speak software update 'PR and Social Media' due in a couple of weeks time.

Updated all text editing to use a new WYSIWYG editor.
Updated all e-mail to use the new text editor and send HTML e-mail.
Schedule speeches screen now allows selection of the 'Look ahead' time period.
Additional Social Media options added for clubs and users to define links to their Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube etc pages.
Added SM links to all appropriate pages to make it easy for a user to 'Like' or 'Tweet' a page
Added RSS feeds to appropriate pages for users who wish to be updated about changes electronically

Version 2.7a - 3rd July 2011
New feature to enable a club to manage the 'Outstanding Toastmaster Award' within easy-Speak.
New feature to allow the club to manage a survey of members.
Club charts tracking 'Membership Campaign' and 'New Visitors' tweaked to give more detail of the visitor or recruited member.
TM stats screen updated to provide full view for a member (period defined in the Club Control Panel) as alternative to single meeting replies.
An ability for Club officers to change their view of the system and look through the eyes of a club member (i.e. remove all special club officer permissions)
New 'District Stats' screen with additional links to Toastmasters information for the District
Updated 'TI Information' screen with new links.
New switch in Club Control Panel: Meeting Manager may enter actuals.
New switch in Club Control Panel: Option whether to display TM awards on non-meeting screens
New switch in Club Control Panel to permit/disallow the auto assign button for Meeting Manager (Still available to VPE etc)
Additional user security level allowing full support across all clubs to 'easy-Speak admins'.
Workflow block changed so that non-relevant links are not shown in a District installation for 'summary' clubs not using easy-Speak.
Coding changes to avoid floating decimal issues when the local server uses a default 'European' number format.
'New Toastmaster Year' nag message added for club officers in several screens when new officers have not been entered.
Various admin utilities updated to manage the new tables and data fields.
Calendar now defaults in a better way when Club has not defined 'local' clubs.
Meeting theme can be edited on the view_meeting screen if authorised as club officer or Meeting Manager.
New option for club officers to turn off all special permissions and view the system through the eyes of a regular club member.
Eased the login security on wrong passwords when a user has not previously logged on.
Bug fixed to prevent combined Grammarian/Ah counter from generating duplicated data.
Changed code to send VPE to club edit screen for all users (so they can now enter their own awards)
Screen title now identifies the club correctly top left of all pages in a District specific installation.
Verified flag fixed for CL when set from an Actual meeting
'Buddy' issue fixed on view_meeting screen

Version 2.7 - 27th May 2011
Personal progress screens for Communications & Leadership tracks now easily accessible by the Mentor or VPE from the user list or charts.
Reworked menu bar
New screen to list all recent and near-future meetings for the club
Updated anti-robot protection
Ability for the member to add their own CL projects (with confirmation by the VPE)
Meeting Assignment logging to keep track of who has been offered/declined individual role
Fixed bug where CL dropdown in viewmeeting was showing even completed projects
Members without roles identified in the assignment dropdowns
Schedule speeches enhancements - ability to delete speeches,ability to see requested dates (for VPE) on the request speech dialog
Speech List enhanced to show preferred dates
Second option on userlist screen to show all phone numbers

Version 2.6 - 14th January 2011
New screen to give the VPE or Meeting Manager everything they need to allocate roles, identify CL tasks and schedule and allocate speeches. The same screen is used after the event to record actual results.
Improved view of the meeting for non-members of the club.
Members are now able to enter a 'maybe' for attendance at a future meeting.
New screen to allow the VPE to assign speakers for several meetings at one time.
New screen to request a speech allowing the user to express preference for a particular meeting.
New ability to book a speech without specifying a workbook or assignment (but this must be specified before the meeting)
New personal 'My CC progress' and 'My CL progress' screens available to each member.
Updated screen to edit the agenda allowing multiple moves and deletion at a time and with enhanced validation.
Added a new club option to allow a Meeting Manager full edit rights on the agenda.
Links to member stats made much more visible on all screens.
Added a new club option to show a printed signup sheet (or two) in the 'workflow' navigation block on the left side of all pages.
Added recording of awards at each meeting (e.g. 'Best Speaker') to be used in future club and personal achievements reporting.
Updated Meeting e-mail and notify e-mail processes so that a member who just hits 'reply' will send the e-mail back to the club and not to the system robot.

Version 2.5b - 28 May 2010
Bug removed which allowed addition of comments for an uploaded file but prevented edit of those comments if the contents tripped the anti- hacking alarm.
Corrected minor problem where was reconfigured (again) breaking the 'Locate a club' search screen.
Improved the logic for recording attendance and role allocation at contests above club level.
Corrected a bug where a member's mentor or computer buddy was shown the icon to book a speech but prevented from using it.
Added logic to prevent the agenda e-mail and mentor e-mail for a contest from including details and objectives of speeches.
Corrected a bug where other roles which repeat (e.g. 2nd Table Topics Evaluator) could be sent e-mail details as if they were the 2nd Speech Evaluator at the meeting.
Added facility for site administrator to delete a speech in a user's profile which is not connected to a meeting.
Added test so that 'dormant' clubs are not shown in the user profile.
Corrected a bug where members addresses added by a club officer as 'officers only' were saved as visible to club members.
Fix for a potential security breach where access to membership lists and member charts was not being restricted properly.
Added a switch in the Club Control Panel to allow the Photo Album to be restricted to members.
Added a switch in the Club Control Panel to allow club to select whether to show a link for the signup sheet in the workflow navigation block.
Added the full name of the club administrator creating a new user account in the welcome e-mail sent to the user.
Added a series of new reports to allow a site admin to export data of incoming officers for the new year.
Added new checks for incoming officers in the year end transition period and 'nag' messages to old officers on the agenda and club data pages.
Added new links on club_data, org_data and officers pages taking authorised users to the new year directory and incoming officer maintenance screens.
Added new District re-alignment screen to allow structural changes to be pre-loaded and actioned automatically over the Toastmaster year end in a District-wide installation.
Changed the Club and District directory pages for the new year information to display Clubs and Areas in the new (re-aligned) organisational structure.

Version 2.5a - 15 Feb 2010
'Can't delete speech' message made language dependent and changed to 'Speech already deleted'
org_email now retains the club_id correctly when a user changes club on another tab in the same browser
Prevent errors on the club_officer block if a club admin user leaves a trailing comma in the parameter selection
Corrected a bug in the sort of country_select by language
Changed layout of kb_map so that it displays correctly in IE and added edit date to the display
New, very fast, backup routine.
Added action buttons to the 'roles' chart to make it easier to send a personal e-mail when assigning a role for the first time.
Changed the closing process for a meeting without any agenda items to make it fully closed when just attendance is confirmed.
Fixed a bug where the 'Request a speech' item on the navigation block did not display in Internet Explorer
Cleaned up the workflow block when displaying and Area or above.
Added some additional links when confirming selection of a club and role allocation.
Fixed inconsistency that a member status of 'full member' but 'roles not allowed' caused problems with auto allocation.
Fixed a bug that stopped a District Officer seeing the 'My participation' block for their own club unless they were also an officer of that club.
New features to handle room share and ask for names with multiple bookings at conferences.
Small addition to the conference booking overview screen.
Additional validation to prevent the conference administrator from deleting a product which is used in one of the booking packages.
Fixed a small bug that reported speech objectives for Speaker n in the e-mail to the Educational Presenter n.

Version 2.5 - 18 Oct 2009
New portal block for workflow - to lay out all the common user navigation in one block customised to the individual user.
New screen to allow a user to view multiple meetings and volunteer for roles/book attendance at any of them. (Paul Osborn)
'Scope' of meetings presented in the calendar may be restricted to 'local' or 'only...' for Area, Division and District and not just clubs.
Minor change to the 'neighbouring clubs' screen to show District as well as Division & Area if this is not a single District installation.
Fixed bug where a Meeting Manager was given link to change a speech title but had no permissions to change it.
Minor change to allow a user to suppress display of their profile picture in the navigation block
New Club Control Panel option on member status to allow guests etc to be listed on the attendance edit screens.
Changes to CCP member status screens to remove the confirmation message screen and just show the message at the top of the summary screen.
Minor change to the Club settings in CCP to restrict the selection of default visitor status etc to 'non-full member but shown on user list' status.
Fixed a bug where using the unsubscribe link in a meeting e-mail may not have been reliable for members of multiple clubs.
Improved e-mail that may be sent after a meeting summarising what happened and encouraging non-attenders to come next time.
Reworked the page_set block to display mini icons and match the new workflow block.
User club links where the next meeting of an active club has not been created now display the club contact data instead of an error.
Creating a meeting in a club that is not 'active' changed to prompt the user to contact the webmaster to enable all options.
Attempts to read a restricted KB article now get a more descriptive message.
Changes so that the Leadership Chart now shows roles at future meetings which could be used for CL. (Also shown on CL summary screen)
Revised layout of the agenda screen to be more visual and make for easier use (also revised assignment screens to be consistent)

Version 2.4k - 8th Aug 2009
Additional validation to prevent a Club Admin from deleting a user status that is used in the Club Control Panel for Visitor or Mailing List and to ensure that the status used in the CCP is not that of a full member of the club
New agenda print format 4 using a different column sequence: Time, Event, Role, Presenter, Duration
Fixed minor bug where the book-a-speech icon was not available to regular club members on the speech chart.
Added the option by club to show Toastmaster achievements (CC etc) on the agenda screen and/or printed agenda.
Extended the agenda message field to allow any size of text (some clubs wanting to show the TM mission statement)
Added links to the activity charts back to the relevant club meeting and numbered the speakers on the 'list by role chart' to allow it to be used as a sign-up sheet. (Kai Steinbach)
Added another split to the backup files.
Added sort of available block files in the portal block setup (otherwise the sequence was OS dependent)
Added the meeting theme into the print out of the List by role chart a.k.a. the Sign-Up Sheet. (Kai Steinbach)

Version 2.4k - 8th Aug 2009
Additional validation to prevent a Club Admin from deleting a user status that is used in the Club Control Panel for Visitor or Mailing List and to ensure that the status used in the CCP is not that of a full member of the club
New agenda print format 4 using a different column sequence: Time, Event, Role, Presenter, Duration
Fixed minor bug where the book-a-speech icon was not available to regular club members on the speech chart.
Added the option by club to show Toastmaster achievements (CC etc) on the agenda screen and/or printed agenda.
Extended the agenda message field to allow any size of text (some clubs wanting to show the TM mission statement)
Added links to the activity charts back to the relevant club meeting and numbered the speakers on the 'list by role chart' to allow it to be used as a sign-up sheet. (Kai Steinbach)
Added another split to the backup files.
Added sort of available block files in the portal block setup (otherwise the sequence was OS dependent)
Extended the actuals screen to allow non-members who attended to be added (Kai Steinbach)
Added the meeting theme into the print out of the List by role chart a.k.a. the Sign-Up Sheet. (Kai Steinbach)

Version 2.4j - 20th July 2009
Various edits needed to support language translation of date formats
Date select format changed to support US sequence of Month,Day,Year
Fixed minor bug that 'Next Meeting Manager' displayed the full name ignoring privacy preferences
Minor change to the Google map input to reduce time to create a new club
Additional listing of the clubs affected when deleting an Area or higher in the Admin Control Panel
Modified the 'neighbouring clubs' screen to show all clubs for a District installation but only active easy-Speak clubs elsewhere.
Added feature for admin to mark user e-mail addresses as invalid.
Enhancement to allow a text description of meeting days and times to overlay calculated info the club summary screen and agenda.

Version 2.4i - 11th June 2009
Corrected bug where distance on the 'neighbouring clubs' screen did not display units as miles or Km.
Added new information and links in the ACP to assist the webmaster in understanding Club activity and managing Club data
Added new split in the data backup routines to reduce the maximum file size downloaded in any one part.
Dropped redundant data from the agenda and calendar tables
Added icon to book a speech for anyone attending a contest at Area or above
Fixed minor bug that prevented Club Admin from opening Club Setup screen
Fixed bug that prevented a template with a very long name from being saved properly
Minor update to allow a role to repeat 16 times (was 15)
Reworked data backup routines to create local files that may then be downloaded by FTP
Update to the Admin Club management summary screen to give easy visibility of new officer status by club

Version 2.4h - 12 Feb 2009
Upgraded validation of username to prevent blanks, @ etc and to protect privacy by preventing the use of a full family name in the username.
New utility in the Admin Control Panel to run SQL reports made available by the development team.
Speech objectives pop-up added to the Workbook summary on the speeches chart.
Changed Club edit in the Club Control Panel so that all meeting times will be corrected if the Club changes the data entered for its timezone.
Changed database structure to allow District F to be added
Added a new sort by speech progress to the membercharts (Kai Steinbach)
Added new meeting type 'District Executive Council' and changed programs to allow a District override of the officers attending Training, Council and Exec Council

Version 2.4f - 28th November 2008
Added a link to the venue detail for non-Toastmaster events.
Added an ability to upload multiple photographs to the Album in a batch
Reworked all icons in preparation for the language versions (Thanks Kit!)
Extensive additions to the information held for each workbook and speech in preparation for putting speech objectives on the mentor's and evaluator's e-mail and optionally on the printed meeting agenda.
New Admin screen to manage workbooks and speeches.
New pop-up screen to show speech overview and objectives (from the agenda and speech list screens)
Changed meeting e-mail 3 to Speakers and Evaluators and Mentors' e-mail to list speech objectives
Speech objectives optionally shown on the agenda screen
Fixed a minor bug that stopped member status being listed for non-attenders on the agenda screen
Added an option to show 'Apologies' as well as the attendance list on the printed agenda.
Changed the Club Maintenance to use a pull-down of possible agenda layouts

Version 2.4e - 5th November 2008
New facility to allow a Club administrator to reset a club member's password
Change to the navigation block so that a selection list of Districts is presented as a dropdown
Additional items on the Calendar menu dropdown to jump direct to either of the next two months
Additional item on the profile to allow a member's address to be displayed to club members
Fixed a bug where CCP settings for officers were not honored for file attachments in the Club forum
Added option to hide certain status of members from the Club userlist.

Version 2.4d - 26th October 2008
New switch added to the user status screen for each club to allow a status of full membership but not allocate roles to these members automatically.
Fixed minor bug introduced in v2.4c that prevented access to 'Club Exec' meetings
Added a print option for District|Division|Area Council meetings
Changes to the Administration screen for Photo Album to ease reorganisation or addition of albums within the existing Toastmaster structure and rework of the Photo Album itself to use this and link the menu system to the club associated with an album.
Upgraded the 'User' portal block to show a user's associated clubs and allow the site admin to configure which data will display in the block.
Changed the Google Maps screen to be 100px wider
Upgraded the user block to present links to the next meeting for all clubs associated with the logged in user.
Reinstated the user ranks presentation to recognise the easy-Speak guru, development and translation teams
Added a check to duplicate creation of duplicate meetings
Added new index to the calendar table to improve lookup speed.

Version 2.4c - 11th October 08
New meeting type [Area|Division|District] Council
Removed the user switch 'Following old CL track'
Improved the potential attenders list for Area & Division events
Added an option in the CCP to allow Judges to be hidden in Area|Division|District contests
Meeting Managers now see full names for anyone assigned a role or attending the meeting
Added a reminder to add a speech title when Speakers confirm and the title is 'TBA'
Coloured the prompt red on the Speech assignment screen when there are Educational presentations in the queue.
Changing the template used for a meeting now preserves the speech titles and times previously entered.

Version 2.4b - 4th October 2008
Added feature to allow an existing user to be added more easily to a club membership.
New set of administrative tools to manage language variables for the translation team.
Added administrative tools to assist the development team to manage language variables.
Added 'club short name' to be used in the navigation blocks.
Added a 'Book a speech' button to the agenda screen.

Version 2.4a1 - 1st September 2008
Minor update to allow the agenda page and member charts to be sorted according to a club preference.
Additional choice of a narrower column for role name and smaller font for the action description when printing agenda
Changed the names shown on buttons when recording actual meeting detail.

b]Version 2.4a - 29th August 2008[/b]
Complete rework of the Toastmaster permissions to speed up access and aid future programme maintenance.
Added new database indexes to speed access.
Increased the number of words used in hyperlinks for 'Click here to...'.
Changed wording on meeting screen to say 'Following...' instead of 'Next...' to avoid confusion with similar menu item.
Added further non-Toastmaster educational options in the 'Competition and Other Speeches' manual.
Added the book-speech button to the userlist for full members and give access to it for member, their mentors and computer buddy in the membercharts and userlist.
Added new 'greyed out' buttons to the view agenda screen which show action already taken in the hope of reducing confusion about the 'thumbs' buttons for new users.
Changed '...the next meeting of...' to show the date in agenda e-mail one.
Remove the use of usergroup from the agenda e-mail, changed the unsubscribe link to use the club number .
Now retain the topic_id while the agenda e-mail screen is in use to prevent the user inadvertently changing to another club in another tab on the same browser.
Retain the club_id while the mass e-mail routine is in use - same reason as above.
Hide Toastmasters membership number from everyone except the member and Club or District officers.
Minor change to the button names when confirming actual roles and attendance.

Version 2.4 -23rd August 2008
Rework of the Toastmaster items in the Club Control Panel to remain within the club selected at entry even if the user has moved to a different club in another tab of the same browser - which should remove false alarms from the anti-hacking system.
Complete rework of the club selection and club_data code across all screens to make it more efficient and faster.
Additional validation to prevent a club from deleting their normal meeting location - and disappearing from all screens!
Added quick e-mail buttons to the bookings list screen to give a conference admin easy contact with attendees.
Upgrade the Administrators' merge user routine by adding lists of possible duplicates with links to show detail and merge.
Improved the Administrators' overall forum_auth routine to give separate action for TM club and non-club forums.
Changed the Leadership awards tracking so that awards are now only shown in the Member charts while the member is working on it and for six months after completion.
Added a system scan to check how many club officers may be contacted by members of the public (hidden phone numbers etc) and changed the Cub data screen and the Division/Area summary screens to warn if a club is not possible or not easy to contact.
Added a new mass mail facility for the system Administrator to inform Club Presidents, Division and Area Governors when a club cannot easily be contacted and remind them of the normal meeting time and location published in the directory.
Increased the number of characters displayed in the navigation box for long club names and made this smarter when tying to avoid truncating a word.
Fixed a bug where confirming one role on the role or speech allocation screen would confirm all occurrences of that role.
Added a link to an alternative map showing Divisions and Area structure to the maps2 portal block
Improved the user search function so that it will also search for a Toastmaster membership number and display the result to an officer if the user is not associated with any club

Version 2.3 - 9th July 2008
Added major new feature - the ability for club officers to upload documents as file attachments in their club forum.
Added the club's forum to the menu bar
Changed the meeting edit screen to allow the VPE to switch to a different agenda template after the meeting agenda has already been created.
(Previously assigned roles and speeches will be retained if they exist in the new template or deleted with a warning if not)
Member profile screens changed to show any incoming officer role known during the changeover period.
Fixed a minor bug that completed workbooks were displayed in the charts when they should not be.
Fixed a bug where the 'invitation' to attend a training event was not shown on the screen.
Changed the allocation screen for training events to allow roles to be assigned to officers and anyone else with full member status in that Area/Division
Changed the club officers screen to prevent changes to the CURRENT officers during June - forcing the user to enter the new year data on the correct screen.
Extended validation of user e-mail address to try to cut down on the number of typing errors.
Update of the administrator's routine to merge two users to include additional tables and fields from recent updates.
Removed the large X across the missing_photo image used in the club photo gallery.
Added support for multiple CSS which may be set by club within one template,

Version 2.2s - 12th June 2008
New portal block listing all Divisions and their associated Areas and detailing training or contest dates.
Minor change to 'next meeting' for Area and Divisions to look for ANY meeting rather than one particular type.
Change so that club officer training expects officers for the incoming year from April onwards.

Changed the badges printed for District training to show names and incoming roles from April onwards.
Removed mentor's e-mail from anything other than a club meeting.
Corrected a minor bug where a President accepting roles for a meeting would also confirm roles that had been re-assigned or refused earlier.

Version 2.2r- 6th May 2008
Corrected a minor bug which caused some pages in a portal pageset not to be displayed if one of the pages in the set was restricted.
Changed anti-spam program to allow repeat email setting to be set in seconds
Installed latest CBack update
Changed club edit program to remove meeting numbers from any level other than a club.
Added the detail member history pop-up by club to the member's profile.
Various minor changes and improvements in the Candidates Corner feature.
Group e-mail selection now sorted by Group name.
Group selection 'where you are a member' now includes groups where you are the moderator
New maintenance screens for the Conference on-line booking data including copying the pricing structure from another conference.

Version 2.2q- 6th March 2008
Addition of new modules in the Educational Series and changes to the speech chart to allow display of modules numbered higher than 10
Fixed a bug where re-opening a meeting did not properly reset the status of speeches made at that meeting.
Added a further check that clubs are closing past meetings before working on new ones (needed to confirm actual results, generate club, mentor and CL data and prepare for auto role-allocation at subsequent meetings).
Changed the 'Find clubs - maps' to include the meeting address in data displayed in the bubble.
Latest phpbb security update
Club officer changing a members e-mail address will now reset the 'invalid e-mail address' flag if set.
Cleaned up the system admin functions for upload an image extension.
Corrected a bug where available speeches were sometimes listed more than once in the allocation pull-down for Area contests
Made all available speeches for clubs in the Area selectable for Area contests

Version 2.2p - 20th January 2008
New portal block 'FreeRice' which runs a vocabulary game and contributes rice the the UN world food program
Fixed a bug that deleted a user's profile photo if they used the TM user edit screen to load or delete a photo for another member.
Fixed a bug where the number of possible meetings and percentages were not correctly calculated when displaying statistics for a member.
Minor update to remove from the Mentors' meeting e-mail all roles marked as delivered by the Club President (Club business, Awards etc) since they repeat at every meeting.
Change to update the 'last on-line' information when a member clicks on one of the links in the meeting e-mail.
Fixed a bug that caused incorrect CL data when a meeting was re-opened and then closed again. The program now allows the VPE to tick or un-tick any CL role at the meeting.
Improved the CL role recognition so that the 'Grammarian & Ah-Counter' role will match to assignments for either one.
Additional detail data screen to allow the member, their mentor and the VPE to see full details for the history of roles accepted or refused recently. Added this as a pop-up on most screens that list 'last role' or 'last spoke'
Fixed a bug that only listed club officers who confirmed attendance prior to COT in the attendance e-mail.

Version 2.2o - 24th November 2007
Trapped 'User not found' errors created by broken web-browsers that were driving me crazy!
Added a new meeting e-mail to advise details to the Mentor where their mentee has a role at the meeting.
Changed the 'Reply to' processing for all meeting e-mail to make it clear who actually pushed the button if it was not the VPE.
New link 'Upload another photo' after success using the photo upload routine.
Improved feature for the site admin to change a user's password and automatically generate an e-mail with the new credentials.
Changes to the CL report so that it does not list potential Table Topic speakers if they have said that they will not attend this meeting.
Minor change to the 'next meeting' text at the foot of the printed agenda.
New option in the Club Control Panel to hide the Portrait Gallery from non-members
Improved the Word-of-the-Day feature at so that the sound icon will display for all versions of Internet Explorer. Finally got the sound file upload working correctly.
Added a link to to the meeting e-mail addressed to the Grammarian.

Version 2.2n - 26th October 2007
Changes to the database backup routine to allow the data to be split into smaller chunks making it easier to restore on a test server.
Updated the 'confirm actuals' meeting screen to prevent the VPE from recording 'No' for members who did not advise attendance. (Leaving their status as 'not advised')
Fixed a bug where a CL activity was not offered on the report when a previous project could have used this role but was completed without this role.
Added an option in the Club Control Panel to hide the memberlist and meeting attendance from non-members.
Added the facility to make the TME the Meeting Manager automatically whenever the role is assigned (option set in the Club Control Panel).
Added an option to allow the TME to change the meeting theme and timings on the agenda (option set in the Club Control Panel).
Improved the edit_agenda and agenda_email routines to request login and continue when the user connection has timed out.
Fixed the Search>Search User routine so that it will not find a member who's name is hidden from the logged on user.
Improved the note on the speech allocation screen to make it clear that Educational presentations can only be assigned to 'Educational' items in the agenda (and not to 'Speakers' )
Added a feature to disable auto role-allocation if too many old meetings remain unclosed and a site-configured option to restrict the number of old meetings that may be left without confirming actuals.
Fixed a bug that caused the 'next meeting number' not to increment for each new meeting.
Fixed a bug that allowed a user's name to be displayed for Area and Division contests when the name was marked as 'Club members only'
Added validation to prevent a blank agenda template from being saved.
Added a fix to ensure that the meeting roles 'Speaker' and 'Educational' always have the correct system status for 'Role is speaker'.
Added 'http://' to the evil _GET list in the security engine.

Version 2.2m 2nd September 2007
Fixed bug that prevented some CL roles from showing on the CL report and added Table Topic Speaker to the report (if the meeting has a table topic session)
Fixed a problem with quoted text causing unwanted blank lines when used in a club welcome message.
Fixed a bug selecting the wrong CL project when a meeting role may qualify for multiple CL projects.
Added code so that a 'default district' in the Admin Control Panel will stop the display of multiple districts in the navigation block when a District installation is hosting a few non-districted clubs.
Added non-display of club name feature to the 'next_meetings' portal block.
Print option and a location search added to the Google map screen.
Upload image now available to club officers (in their own forum and portal pages) and to KB moderators.
Increased the field size for club_closed to allow more description.

Version 2.2l- 29th July 2007
Mod to allow the club VPE or IT support to correct e-mail addresses for their members'.
Corrected data error to show that CL project three requires all three tasks.
'Find a Club - maps' now includes all Districts unless there is a default District set for the installation.
A new portal block listing the club officers.
New option for clubs using the portal to allow most of the standard menu items to be suppressed.
Resolved bug that all email addresses from the tld .pl were seen as hacking attempts
Speech list improved to show requested speeches sorted as before but booked speeches sorted by meeting date.
Complete rework of the image upload utility to replace the remote hosted images (which now include inappropriate advertising when examined full-size).
Added a new placemarker speech 'Unspecified Speech' into the 'Competition and Other Speeches' workbook.

Version 2.2k- 17th June 2007
Speech details suppressed when viewing a member's profile unless a member of the same club or the club has chosen to display charts to the public.
Added ability for the VPE to delete a leadership record added in error.
Added more choices to the links presented after allocating a speech.
Added additional validation when changing a meeting agenda line from a role which repeats to a role that does not repeat (and back)
During the changeover period for club/district officers - display the year in red to make it very obvious if the user is changing the current year instead of loading data for incoming officers.
Fixed a bug where two columns were swopped over when displaying the meeting role maintenance list.
New maintenance program for the webmaster to change the year and move incoming officers into the correct data fields.
New option to give a user choices about displaying the mobile number separately from displaying other phone numbers.
Fixed bug when recording attendance at a club executive meeting when an earlier club meeting was not finalised.

Version 2.2j - 3rd June 2007
Resolved a bug where a member's request not to display their name was not honoured in the Speech List.
Addition of a new privacy switch to display or hide the Member Charts and Speech List for a club from non-members.
New input choice when importing members and speeches from a spreadsheet to allow for Excel changing the separator character when the user's PC has 'European' number formats specified.
Additional validation when uploading new members from a spreadsheet to prevent a username that is too long or an e-mail address from being used as a username.

Version 2.2i - 21st May 2007
Addition of timezone to the users and club data screens and the fields available on members' records for club officers to edit.
Additional choices for direct links back to various screens after allocating roles etc.
Corrected a bug where speech history loaded from a spreadsheet was shifted by a day in some timezones.
New option in CCP to display the location name on the javascript next meeting link.
New Photo Gallery of Club members.
Feature to allow NEXT year's officers to be loaded in preparation for the changeover. Additional fields on Officer data, changes to officer maintenance to automate VPE>President>IPP etc.

Version 2.2h - 30th April 2007
A new feature to provide a small piece of javascript that a club may paste into their own website. It will display the next club meeting date automatically from this site with a link to the meeting detail.
Meta description and meta keywords added to the portal page configuration for each page.
Satellite and composite views added to Google maps.
Ability added to the speeches chart for the VPE to book a speech for any member.
Added a feature to meeting role assignments to make it easy to change the sequence of speaker and evaluators.
Additional options to select the next screen after making meeting changes.

Version 2.2g - 31st March 2007
Addition of an option to specify the last {Whatever}day of the month for club meetings and changes so that the correct next meeting date is calculated automatically for this and for clubs that meet on alternate weeks.
Minor validation change to allow a club administrator to add a user without an e-mail address.
Fixed a bug where the user-entered text for an e-mail inviting a friend to a meeting was over-written by the standard text.
Reworked attendance and role/speech allocation for Area and Division contests to include all known members for all clubs in the Area.
Added a facility to the speech workbook summary to give the VPE an easy way to delete a workbook created in error or to show that a user has completed a workbook and that it should no longer be displayed on the speech chart. (Speeches from completed workbooks are still displayed on the user profile.)
New portal block program to select and display an article, or series of articles, from the Knowledgebase.

Version 2.2f - 25th March 2007
Additional option in the CCP to present all membership lists for the club sorted by Family Name instead of First Name.
Addition of a new Word of the Day facility to be managed by a group of Toastmasters and hosted at
Two new portal blocks: Word Search on, or and 'On this day' from
Corrected a bug where htmlentities were displayed in officer mass e-mail.
Additional label choices for attendance badges and the option to re-print part sheets.
Two new links on the TI page - e-shop and change member name.
Minor change to meeting e-mail 3. Will now remind a member about a meeting if they accepted the role more than two weeks ago.
New ability to swop assigned members around within Speaker and Evaluator roles for a meeting.

Version 2.2e - 9th March 2007
Changes to the speech workbook summary so that the VPE may change/add speech titles for all projects from here
Rework of date and time displays to fix a bug when displaying major time differences from GMT.
Extension to conference booking screen and the confirmation e-mail to highlight a payment message
Updates to Conference event administration to allow conference admin to make their own changes.
Remove bug where two live conferences would display on each others pages.
Addition of the Candidates Corner feature for a District.

Version 2.2d - 20th Feb 2007
New administrator utilities to facilitate moving a club and all its data to a new installation of the software (preparation for D59 implementation)
New choices for label size etc when printing attendance badges.
Corrected the confusing error message which displayed if a club administrator tried to duplicate a user.
A new portal block which will automatically display forthcoming meetings for a club (and optionally include neighbouring clubs)
Improvements to the agenda 'e-mail three' which now identifies a role that may be evaluated for CL and reminds the member to bring their manual to the meeting.
Added a checkbox on the club mail screen to attach a link to the next club meeting.

Version 2.2c - 3rd February 2007
Completion of CL tracking - leadership awards are now transferred automatically when a meeting is 'completed'
Addition of Officer Training as a meeting type - will automatically enroll all current club officers in the selected Area/Division/District.
Addition of Identity Badges that may be printed for meeting attendees (main use Conferences and Training but available for all meetings)
Changed validation to prevent the meeting manager from changing an agenda item when a person is assigned to the role.
Extension to the Conference management programs to calculate the quantity of individual components needed to satisfy the packages booked.
Changes to the meeting e-mail so that it is now sent with 'from' and 'reply to' addresses of the club meetings e-mail address if this exists and the user's address if it does not.

Version 2.2b - 26th December 2006
Addition of 'District website' and other sources when tracking the addition of new members (suggestion from Shay McInerney)
New 'captcha' images to prevent spam-robot registrations and spam postings from robot guests.
Addition of auto-generated site maps to aid searchbot indexing
Significant security upgrade, new admin features for user management.

Version 2.2a - 14th December 2006
Addition of tracking information for the new CL including: New Memberchart showing progress on all Leadership manuals, Detail screen to display progress and remaining items for a member on any award, Screen for the VPE to add or change completed items.
Report screen to show CL roles for evaluation at the meeting - along with a list of first time roles and first time visitors.
Strengthened the validation to prevent the VPE from creating agenda items which repeat (e.g. Speakers) without assigning which repeat number this item is for.
Addition to the block file newest_pic to allow selection of a specific picture instead of the most recent in a category.
Fixed a bug where a speaker who was 'no show' for a meeting left the speech only half canceled.

Version 2.2 - 30th November 2006
Installation of the IM portal re-configured to allow clubs to create their own website within the District framework.
Options to allow a club-specific banner and club-selected CSS.
Resolution of a bug where the 'Loosing interest?' e-mail was sent ignoring acceptance of future meeting roles.
Additional anti-abuse tracking on all e-mail sent.

Version 2.1c - 18th November 2006
Minor cosmetic fixes; 'Date last spoke' was not displayed for a member of more than one club with multiple active workbooks, Adding a new user to an active club did not return to correct screen when finished.

Version 2.1b - 6th November 2006
Conference pages now switched on from control panel and removed automatically by date
Finally got round to removing the BBCode from e-mail detailing new postings
New text editor for Postings, PM, KB and portal BBCode with better user interface and additional control over text and image layout

Version 2.1a.1 - 27th October 2006
Additional anti-spam mods applied to guest postings

Version 2.1a - 26th October 2006
Considerable extension to the Conference event booking software

Version 2.1 - 8th October 2006
Extension to allow creation on Conference Events, Conference sub-site and display of the Conference Team
Screen to allow selection and booking of a conference package
Change to Organisation e-mail so it is now sent with a 'reply to' of the user's own e-mail address.
Update to Organisation e-mail to allow a Sysadmin to send e-mail in the name of another user.
Added 'Only for Toastmaster business' warning to all the e-mail screens.
Added ability for a Sysadmin to revoke a user's e-mail privileges.
Added pageset global headers to make it much easier for the webmaster to create a new subsite with common headers on most pages

Version 2.01i - 20th September 2006
Added club number to the fields searched with 'Search club'.
Added feature so that the calendar by default only shows local events.
Fixed problem if in the process of sending Organisation e-mail and changed Org. in another screen
Mod to allow an Administrator to add a club officer without an e-mail address

Version 2.01h - 15th Sept 2006
New option to print address labels for District/Division/Area/Club Officers
New portal block available using 'Say What?' Quote of the day.
Updates to prevent users with invalid e-mail addresses from sending PM or E-mail and generating errors.
The 'virtual' workbook for contest speeches not now displayed, irrespective of club options for displaying normal workbooks and assignments.
Changed the club navigation block to include a display of club names.
Added 'Neighbouring Clubs' to the navigation block when a club is slected.
New configuration option for the portal TM news block - it may now be set to scroll and only require a smaller box.
Changes to shorten the url when printing an agenda - to reduce the possibility of this being wrapped over two lines when sent by e-mail.
Added ability for the web-master to create a sub-site with its own banner and menu set - for example a conference.

Version 2.01g - 27th August 2006
Added 'Neighbouring clubs' to the club data screen
Added support for Yahoo! e-mail discussion Group
Added a display of the original PM when replying
Added new menu item 'Toastmaster International' and moved all the links to this page from the District directory.
Added administrator utilities to change user_id on postings, kb and photos.

Version 2.01f - 18th August 2006
Resolved issues of 'non-active' clubs being presented with options that they could not use.
Improved way for 'non-active' clubs to book their events into the calendar
Changed permission system so that District/Division/Area and 'non-active' club officers have access to their discussion forum and are able to change news and welcome items without reference to the usergroup.
Added 'Go' button to the club select screen
Changed VPE access to completed speeches so that these may now be moved to another workbook when this information was entered in error.
Added feature to hide 'Dormant' clubs
Resolved a bug where edit of non-active club officers would jump back to the District when completed.
Changed club data screen to show mobile instead of fax number
Changed agenda e-mail routine not to offer the member category 'no more email'
Added redirect table and a new 'redurect url' field on the club records to facilitate redirecting users who continue to use the old address when their club or District has been moved to a new domain.
Added code to redirect automagically any access to a club marked in this way.
Minor change to record the 'went live' date for clubs using active data management.

Version 2.01e - 4th August 2006
Added 'Find a club' feature using Google Earth - can show a whole country or zoom down to the street level map for a club.
Installed single district version of the software for District 71 as
Added 'Search for a club by name on the TMI website' feature
Added 'Word of the Day' feature using
Added fields to the user record to track who made the last change, and when

Version 2.01d - 22nd July 2006
Added the District/Division/Area directory screen
Added District/Division/Area mass e-mail screen

Version 2.01c - 16th July 2006
Added a series of utilities to import data showing club officers for all clubs in a District or Division (provided by Toastmaster International), check if the members currently exists, add them if not and send them an e-mail with their username and password. Then change the officer data for 'summary' clubs and compare TMI information to easy-Speak information for active clubs.
Added a new utility to automate the creation of additional data when a club moves from 'summary' to 'active'.

Version 2.01b - 7th July 2006
Added Country and Postcode to the user record and display this on all address screens.
Added fields to the user import function for CC and CL etc and the user's address, postcode and country.
Added many new data fields to the initial club duplication screen in preparation for a mass upload of D71 data.
A small change to print the additional time allowed for questions etc on the agenda for certain advanced assignments rather than just allow this time in the program.
Added administrator functions for mass edit of GPS and map data codes for clubs in a Division.
Changed the administration function to reduce the amount of data loaded automatically when a non-active club is created or users are uploaded for the District Officer Directory.
New features to simplify adding users for the non-active clubs, Area, Division and District Officer directory
Changed the maintenance screen for District, Division and Area to remove information that is only relevant to clubs.

Version 2.01a - 31st June 06
Installed Administrator utilities to manage maps and installed the clickable maps for District 71
Minor fix to prevent VP-E from removing the repeat number from Speakers and Evaluators etc.
Security change to allow District Officers (Area and above) to view phone numbers etc marked as 'Officers only' for members of that District's clubs.
Security Change to allow District Officers in the direct heirarchy for a club to change the current officer data and load new members. (Restricted to clubs which are loaded for District directory purposes and not 'active' i.e. not clubs using the management features to run their meetings)
Changes to allow a club to mark a user status as 'prohibit email' to prevent inadvertent spamming to that group.
Installed Goggle maps as a 'find a club' option with links to this screen from club data and meeting agenda screens.
Added Knowledgebase moderators as a new option to ease the annual maintenance when District officers and moderator responsibilities change.

Version 2.01 - 22nd June 2006
Installed new navigation block and conference blocks.
Changed 'CTM' etc to the new form CC etc

Version 2.0 - 17th June 2006
New page banner and pull-down menu bar
New portal pages to present news and information in a more structured way
Re-presentation of all screens to fit the new navigation and style
Added a 'back' link to all the VP-E meeting screens to make the return path more obvious.
Added new links back to the TMI website for District, Division and Area information.
Removed all remaining use of the club administrator group - now all managed by club officer permissions.
Added links back to edit the club data or add members etc on the TMI site (Only available to officers selected in the club control panel)
Changed list of members for a meeting to show the attenders first (Request from Wen Bin of Spa Speakers and Warwick)
Added a new feature so that Educationals are booked, scheduled and recorded in the same way as speeches (but the manuals identified by being indented with a >> in the speech lists)

Version 1.01c - June 2006
Added two new lookup buttons on the Club data screen to pull Educational Awards from TI
Resolved the anoying problem of all the times being incremented on each access of the Club Control Panel.
Made changes so that Educationals may be scheduled and recorded as a type of speech.

Version 1.01b - 17th May 2006
Additional 'Add Event' button on the Calendar screen and added option to display the speech queue by 'last spoke' or by 'first requested' date. (Both suggested by Samantha from Guildford Speakers)

Version 1.01a - 25th April 2006
Additional screen to give overview on all speeches for a member from one workbook.
Minor improvements in selecting the club when booking speeches for dual-club members.
Changes to the Photo Album to allow sub-categories (photos by Conference for D71)
Cosmetic change to remove menu items that are not relevant when a District is selected.

Version 1.0 - 16th April 2006
Significant update to include automatic allocation of meeting roles and internal rework to improve speed
Update to the Speech booking screen so that the VP-E may record a speech presented at an external (non TM) event.
Added a button on the Club and Officer Information screen to jump straight into the Distinguished Club information for this club on the TMI web-site.
Added a link from the meeting agenda screen for the meeting manager or VPE to edit a speech title.
Reduced the restrictions so that the VP-E may edit speech titles for speeches which are 'completed'.
New colour schemes 'CoolBlue' and 'SubBlack' available for user selection.
New screen template system which pre-compiles and caches to speed on-line response.

Version 0.9m - 11th March 2006
Preliminary release of version 1.0 to allow beta testing of auto-allocation by club VPEs.
Addition of 'User not active' and 'Requested interval between speeches' to club/user record screen.
Addition of five new fields to the Club Control Panel to allow setting of meetings before first role and first speech, minimum meetings before repeat a role etc.
Addition of a link back to the allocation screen when presenting confirmation that attendance or role allocations have been updated. A

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