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Description The role and responsibilities of the Vice President of Membership

Vice President of Membership 

See this link to the Toastmasters International website for a list of training materials for all of the club officer roles:

The VPM plans, organises and implements an on-going marketing effort to maintain or increase the Club membership level. This involves enticing guests to join and encouraging existing members to stay.

Specific duties:

* Maintains attendance records and an accurate membership roster.

* Records the names and contact details of all guests, and follows up with them after the meeting.

* Asks guests to join.

* Helps each new member to fill in the Membership Application form and gives it to the Treasurer. The form can be downloaded at and printed double-sided with the setting 'flip on long edge'.

* Arranges for each new member to pay the correct joining fee.

* Provides recognition of Toastmasters who contribute to the increase of club membership.

* Informs World Headquarters of any member's change in contact details. The easiest way to do this is on the Club Business section of the TI website at

* If the Club uses easy-Speak, enters new member details on it.

Feedback Form
Here is the template for a feedback form that you can give to visitors to complete and then either hand in at the meeting or post afterwards. These questions would normally be put in conversation with them, but you may find this elicits a more honest appraisal.
Visitor Feedback Form