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Division B

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 Continental Europe

 District 108

    Division B

      Area B1

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District 59 Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Monaco

District 95 Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden

District 107 Andorra, Portugal and Spain

District 108 Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

District 109 Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, FYR Macedonia, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City

District 110 Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rep. of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine

District U Undistricted Clubs in Europe

Division Information 2019-2020
Division B
Part of District 108
Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Division Officers
Division Director Dovilė Kurpytė, ACG ALS E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
easy-Speak support Mantas Lipnickas, ACB ALB E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
Areas in Division B
Area 1 Area Director lukasbaras   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Area 2 Area Director Peter Kangas, ACS ALB   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Area 3 Area Director Captain, ACB ALB   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Area 4 Area Director Mantas Lipnickas, ACB ALB   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Clubs Division B
Area Club Name Club Number President E-mail
1 Microsoft Estonia Toastmasters 7180816 marcmold (Hidden) Send e-mail
1 Riga Toastmasters 2072043 IlzeDo, CC (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Finlandia Toastmasters 3867187 finlandiaroberto (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Helsinki Toastmasters Club 736935 Oskari Rovamo, CC ALB (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Keilaniemi Toastmasters 1443831 TeemuH (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 MiB Toastmasters 6656879 MikaelaMet (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Stadi Talkers 1315941 tealehi (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Northern Stars 3165350 Tuire Vuolasvirta, DTM Send e-mail
3 Stadin Sanasepät 5343625 JuhaO, CC ALB (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Tampere Toastmasters 1078343 annisa, CC (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Turku Toastmasters (P) 7536000 Aschwin van der Woude Send e-mail
3 Vaasa Toastmasters 3230021 ilkka (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Virtual Speakers 1520832 MikkoC (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 Confident Voices Vilnius 5225847 Mindaugas Račkaitis, CC ALB (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 First Toastmasters of Lithuania 1121119 DaivaS (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 Klaipeda Toastmasters Club 2565843 Dalius (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 ThermoMasters Vilnius 5187204 NeringaA CL (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 U-Rock Toastmasters 7388659 Ričardas Pocius CL (Hidden) Send e-mail
Data marked 'Hidden' are only available to Club & District Officers

(Easy-Speak ID 1091)
Officer History
Date Name Position
Heikki Siltanen Division Director
Leena Rantala Immediate Past Div Director
Leena Rantala Division Director
Gabriela Roivainen Immediate Past Div Director
Gabriela Roivainen Division Director
David Gelkin Immediate Past Div Director
gretasiau Assistant Division Director
Florentina Assistant Division Director
David Gelkin Division Director
ammv Assistant Division Director

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