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Division C

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 Continental Europe

 District 108

    Division C

      Area C1

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District 59 Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Monaco

District 95 Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden

District 107 Andorra, Portugal and Spain

District 108 Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

District 109 Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, FYR Macedonia, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City

District 110 Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rep. of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine

District U Undistricted Clubs in Europe

Division Information 2019-2020
Division C
Part of District 108
Division Officers
Division Director AlicjaPalinska E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
Immediate Past Div Director Marta Geszkiewicz E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: Daytime Phone:
  Mobile 727931580    
easy-Speak support Mantas Lipnickas E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)    
Areas in Division C
Area 1 Area Director Krzysztof Operacz   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: Daytime Phone:
  Mobile 882901902  
Area 2 Area Director Wojciech Wrociński   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: Daytime Phone:
  Mobile 508556952  
Area 3 Area Director Robert Więczkowski   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: Daytime Phone:
  Mobile 727924359  
Area 4 Area Director Isocortex   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Area 5 Area Director MarcinGrz   E-mail Send e-mail
  Evening Phone: (Hidden) Daytime Phone: (Hidden)
  Mobile (Hidden)  
Clubs Division C
Area Club Name Club Number President E-mail
1 GSK BSC Poznan Toastmasters 5209202 marcin.wasko (Hidden) Send e-mail
1 Toastmasters Business Club 6101783 Mateusz_B. (Hidden) Send e-mail
1 Toastmasters Poznań 1138065 c.katarzyna (Hidden) Send e-mail
1 Toastmasters Szczecin Passionate Speakers 624526 Ewa Gospodarek (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 KontestMasters 3968282 WojciechGraczyk (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 POZnaj Toastmasters 4315720 HalinaKubicka (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Toastmasters Pila 4846819 Dawid Sip (Hidden) Send e-mail
2 Verbal Victory 1345699 ArekP (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Bydgoszcz Toastmasters Professionals 3046561 Marta Korsak Send e-mail
3 Klub Zaawansowanych Mówców Roastmasters Bydgoszcz 5168308 EwaMarganska (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Sokrates Torun 1367616 TomaszBro (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Toastmasters Bydgoszcz 1535722 ArekSte (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Toastmasters Speakers Zone 5032631 PawelSzymanowski (Hidden) Send e-mail
3 Toruń Toastmasters 3025247 Marta Geszkiewicz Send e-mail
4 Toastmasters Gdynia 4053566 slawp (Hidden) Send e-mail
4 Toastmasters Sopot Leaders 2820492 magdalena.soczawa (Hidden) Send e-mail
5 Citi Olsztyn 6137248 Mantas Lipnickas (Hidden) Send e-mail
5 Toastmasters Gdansk 2050536 Staniskali (Hidden) Send e-mail
5 Toastmasters Olsztyn 3314827 EwelinaZd (Hidden) Send e-mail
5 Wordbusters - Professional Toastmasters Club 3584147 Łukasz Witulski Send e-mail
Data marked 'Hidden' are only available to Club & District Officers

(Easy-Speak ID 962)
Officer History
Date Name Position
Marta Geszkiewicz Division Director
Jakub Bronowicki Immediate Past Div Director
Jakub Bronowicki Division Director
Wiktoria Kowalska Immediate Past Div Director
Monika Nowakowska Assistant Division Director
Wiktoria Kowalska Division Director
Michal.Byr Immediate Past Div Director
Michal.Byr Division Director
JoannaCh Immediate Past Div Director
JoannaCh Division Director
PaulinaPawlikowska Assistant Division Director

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