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District 59 Western & Southern Europe
District 95 Central,Northern & Eastern Europe
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RESULTS! CONTESTS, District Elections

Dear Fellow District 95 Members,

The conference last weekend was a GREAT SUCCESS thanks to the organizing committee! Pictures and news will be flowing in over the next few weeks and I will keep you informed.

In the meantime, here are some of the KEY (and happy) developments:

1. Denise Banks-Grasedyck (of the First Berlin Toastmasters, Division C) will represent District 95 at the upcoming World Championships of Public Speaking and International Convention in Vancouver, Canada in August! We had EXCELLENT CONTESTS! You will find complete...

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LABELS:  LEADERSHIP,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  SPRING CONFERENCE,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  DISTRICT COUNCIL MEETING,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  ELECTIONS,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  WINNERS,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9
Posted: District 95 - NE Continental Europe, 22 May 17, 13:10 by Wendy Husser    Comments: 0

Upcoming Elections - Next District Leaders

Attend the next District Council meeting on Saturday, 20 May 2017 at the Berlin Conference! Who's going to lead the District next year? YOU decide:


Wendy Husser

Public Relations Manager - 2016-2017

LABELS:  LEADERSHIP,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  SPRING CONFERENCE,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  BE A BERLINER,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  DISTRICT COUNCIL MEETING,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9
Posted: District 95 - NE Continental Europe, 01 May 17, 21:45 by Wendy Husser    Comments: 0

Toastmasters Efekt! Next National Conference - Poland

Can't travel to Vancouver in August? What about taking part in this HIGHLIGHT! 25-27 August. Toastmasters Efekt -Łódź you? - National Toastmasters Conference Poland. Based on previous years - it will be GREAT! WATCH: REGISTER:


Wendy Husser

District 95 PR Manager


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LABELS:  EFEKT TOASTMASTERS,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  POLAND,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  CONFERENCE,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  NETWORKING,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  ALPHA MEETINGS,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9
Posted: District 95 - NE Continental Europe, 29 Apr 17, 10:39 by Wendy Husser    Comments: 0

Give the voice to Europe
LABELS:  CLUB OFFICERS,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  PROXY,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9
Posted: District 95 - NE Continental Europe, 20 Jul 15, 22:49 by Tuire Vuolasvirta    Comments: 0
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  MEETING MANAGEMENT,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9  TECHNICAL SUPPORT,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9
Posted: District 95 - NE Continental Europe, 15 Apr 15, 13:47 by Tuire Vuolasvirta    Comments: 0
easy-Speak on a mobile/cellphone/handy
LABELS:  IPHONE,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9 ANDROID,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9 MOBILE PHONE,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9 MEETING ATTENDANCE,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9 AGENDA,&sid=5c510a96d35a9ce3afc908cf7941fda9
Posted: Site-wide posting, 19 Jan 14, 12:51 by Bill Monsour (Sys. Ad. Acct.)    Comments: 0

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