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Wendy Husser

Public Relations Manager - 2016-2017

LABELS:  MEMBERSHIP,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c CAMPAIGN,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c  BOOST CLUB MEMBERSHIP,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c ,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c
Posted: District 95 - NE Continental Europe, 13 May 17, 10:52 by Wendy Husser    Comments: 0


Clock's ticking - but you can still BEAT IT! CLUB grows. YOU grow. New people get to ENJOY the FUN and BENEFITS of Toastmasters. Club banner is BEAUTIFUL - new ribbon, store discounts etc. equals Everybody HAPPY, HAPPY.


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LABELS:  MEMBERSHIP,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c CAMPAIGN,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c  BOOST CLUB MEMBERSHIP,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c  ,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c
Posted: District 95 - NE Continental Europe, 09 May 17, 10:27 by Wendy Husser    Comments: 0

PROJECT MEMBERSHIP 2017! Contact David Gelkin for Details!

Campaign to Boost Membership 2017! This great graphic by Ana Marin gives details of the Campaign being launched by our Club Growth Director, David Gelkin.  Be inspired!  Warmest, Wendy Husser,  PR Manager, District 95 2016-2017

LABELS:  MEMBERSHIP,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c  TROPHY,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c  CAMPAIGN,&sid=557da91f41084081421b3d42c78c305c
Posted: District 95 - NE Continental Europe, 18 Apr 17, 09:35 by Wendy Husser    Comments: 0


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