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Description Death By PowerPoint

Death By PowerPoint 

Death By PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a very effective way of adding visual impact to your presentation or speech. However, it also has a bit of a reputation as something that puts people to sleep. This is because many people rely too heavily on what's on the screen and forget some of the most important aspects of delivering their message. Here are three areas to think about, to help you wake up your presentation.

1. Simplify

Many people cram as much colour, technology and information into their PowerPoint slides. To keep the focus on your message, think about ways in which you can 'de-clutter' your presentation.

    Stop using standard templates, which everyone has already seen dozens of times. They restrict what you can get onto the screen and make slides harder to read. Use something more original
    Trim your text. Your presentation is not a brochure and shouldn't look like one. Use your slides just for key messages and prompts
    Lose your logo. Your audience will remember you and your company, so you don't need to remind them on every slide. First and last are fine.

2. Talk to your Audience

Many presentations make the mistake of being All About Me. They include sections like 'Who We Are', 'Our History', 'Our Clients' and 'Why You Should Choose Us'. Where is your audience in all this? What about their problems? What about the solutions you're supposed to offer them?

Every time you write or say words like 'I', 'we' or 'our' you should write or say words like 'you' and 'your' four times. Use this ratio of 4:1 (you:I) every time you address an audience.

Whether you're selling your products and services to a new customer, presenting results to the board or bringing together a new team, using this ratio will show them that your main concern is what's in it for the audience and what you're going to do to help them.

3. Develop Dependency

So you've worked out how to keep your audience awake during your presentation. How do you leave them wanting more?

    Give them less. Leave something to the imagination. Cut back on text so you can explain the interesting images on the screen and they will hang on your every word
    Be mysterious. Don't label or explain everything, especially not the obvious. You want to make the presentation experience dependent on you to explain and solve the mystery.

Follow these tips and you'll leave your audience coming back for more.