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Spring Conference - 01 May 20

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About Our Club

Welcome to our Toastmasters Club called AIRBUS SPEAKERS. We are an English language public speaking and leadership club that is part of a worldwide Toastmasters Organization.

Our sponsor is the Airbus Leadership university. The club is opened to all Airbus Employees.

Both native and non-native English speakers have opportunity to hone their speaking, listening and leadership skills in our Club.


Our members are committed to help each other improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

  • Do you want to express yourself better in front of people?
  • Are you dreaming of a more efficient self-expression style?
  • Do you want to enhance your leadership qualities?

Whatever your aim is, Toastmasters provides you a friendly and mutually supportive learning environment that helps you achieve your personal goals.

There is no teacher, no trainer, we are all here to learn by practicing and receiving feedbacks by our peers. All members are her to progress.

Flee free to come and meet us. Look at the calendar to know the date and place of our next session.

Hope to meet you soon.

Yves & Jean-Louis


club news

Enjoy the opportunity to learn about public speaking and leadership. If it is the first time you join our club, come to a session, just take a seat and see what happens; We learn by observing and doing.

If you know how session works, ask for available roles and do not forget to give feedback to the people on stage!

Our club offers 3 types of opportunities to come on stage and practise :

1) Deliver impromptu speeches with Table Topics

2) Deliver feedback or animate meeting

3) Deliver prepared speeches


1- Deliver impromptu speeches with Table Topics

Table topics is always an opportunity, without any registration, to talk about any topic during one to two minutes. If we are not inspired by the theme of the day, we stay free to talk about the subject of our choice.

Table Topics Master: He/she proposes a topic and animate the time slot dedicated to impromptu speeches.

Table Topics Evaluator: provides feedback to people having delivered an impromptu speech

2 - Deliver feedback or animate meeting

Different roles are required to run a session. This is also an opportunity to come on stage (to explain our role) as well as to develop our skills in giving feedback. The easier role is timekeeper, then body language and grammarian. Here is a short description of the different roles:

Toastmaster of the day: Has organised the session, ensure we have volunteers for all the roles. Leads the session, introduces the speakers, ensures the smooth running, the good atmosphere. 

Timer: Ensures that we respect the time allocations from the agenda.He/She uses 3 color cards (Red, Amber, Green) to inform speakers if they are on time (G), needs to conclude (A), or over time (Red).

Grammarian and “Ah” counter: Provides feedback regarding language mistakes. Count the number of times people use parasite words (euh, ah, so…). Propose a “word of the day” to be used as often as possible by speakers

Body Language Evaluation Role: provide feedback regarding the quality of non verbal communication (posture, movement, eyes contacts etc…)

Speaker Evaluator: Deliver feedback to someone having delivered a prepared speech

General Evaluator: provide feedback on the overall meeting (atmosphere, preparation, animation) and on the quality of the feedback provided by the other evaluators

3 - Deliver prepared speeches (and so take the role of Speaker)

Once familiar with our meetings and if the approach suits you, we warmly invite you to consider preparing speech because it is the most efficient way to progress. You will receive a dedicated evaluation based on progress done and area of improvement.

Step 0 - Icebreaker: in 4 to 6 min you will present yourself the way you choose to.

Step 1 - Start a guided communication & leadership skills development path using Pathways from Toastmaster platform

- Pathways:  advanced digital solutions based on CornerStone (like MyPulse/Learnings) developed by Toastmasters International

- Toastmasters International : non-profit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of promoting communication and public speaking skills

To get access Pathways,  you will have to become an official member (a small membership fee is to be paid to Toastmasters International - can be founded back if agreed by your manager as per your development plan). 

You will have to select one of the proposed paths according to your objectives and get ready to prepare and deliver speeches (typically 5 to 7 min) during our meetings.


Where you can find more info about Airbus Speakers : Search for “Airbus Speakers / Toastmasters” in the Hub and click on “Toulouse Blagnac/St. Martin” Club.


https://communities.intra.corp/sites/speakers/SitePages/AirbusToulouse2.aspx - check for “Airbus Speakers First Steps” document

Mentoring activity: The mentoring activity happens during lunch time after the session, from 13:15 to around 14:00. You can contact Delphine Paillon, Isabelle Renard, Kristina Schmitt at the end of the session to get advice on how to progress on what is important for you.

Pitching support for specific Airbus events: If you need to prepare a specific pitch for an important Airbus event, you can contact Camilla Le Net or Dimitri Gianesini. They are available to provide advice to you, and to support you at the event dry-run.

Sessions: The sessions currently run on a weekly basis. On Thursday in St. Martin/M01 at 12:15, and the week after on Friday in Blagnac/B01 at 12:15, and so on. In order to see the precise date, location and hours please access the EasySpeak platform or look at the bottom of the Airbus Speakers hub page. You can find all the information to register in the Airbus_Speaker_First_Step.PDF document (See above).




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Guest's Invitation
When do we meet?
We meet every weeks, once in Blagnac (B01), once in Saint-Martin (M01), refer to the calendar ==>

Where do we meet?
Blagnac - B01-0110-24P
1 Rond Point Maurice Bellonte
31700 Blagnac

Be a guest at our next meeting!
27 Feb 20 at 12:15

Eligible members only

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