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District 95 Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden

District 107 Andorra, Portugal and Spain

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Bye, Bye 2014-2015

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

Within 24 hours another year of learning, growing, shaping friendships and fun will roll over into a new year of Toastmastering at 1 July 2015, 9 am CET.

It has been a pleasure and revelation to serve this year as District Governor, the first year of District 95.

Amazingly we are drawn to Toastmasters Clubs and District events with personal agendas, different points of view and elements of uniqueness, allowing us to blossom in, share through and to be infected by a sheltered environment on a road of self-discovery and fulfillment, a melting pot of human interaction.

I was very fortunate to be able to visit many, many clubs and events in our boisterous District from the Nordics to the Southics, from the Westics to the Eastics and see this human interaction at work first hand during my term.

My belief that we are on to something in our District was confirmed time after time again.

The human interaction and hospitality you have radiated is something to cherish forever and thank you for that awesome experience. My wish that my visits may become the ripple in the pond as for many more of you to visit neighboring clubs or to be part of future area, division or district events may come true, sooner rather than later. Enjoy such a worthwhile experience, when the opportunity arises to visit another club or attend a district event. At our recent Borås District Spring conference I did have the joy to hand out 56 ‘first timer’ ribbons at the start of the conference as to recognize first time participants in a District conference, will you be next in Prague in the fall?

I am very proud and thankful to be a member of District 95 and what has been achieved this year, have a look at the dashboard. It will make you dashzzle. Club growth, membership growth and distinguished club status growth have been phenomenal. All of this was only possible through your energy, support and focus, you can all be proud of.

The District mission of building new clubs and achieving excellence was unmistakably recognized, when District reached President’s Distinguished status on 13th of May, well ahead of years end.  

No matter the mission, as one team we all achieved, “One mission, one team” was put into excellent practice in our marvelous District.

I wish to thank my closest fellow governors Tuire and Michal, my closest fellow officers Bea, David and Evelin, our 10 Division Governors from A to J, our 42 Area Governors from A1 to J3, our Club officers’ teams and all of you, fellow toastmaster members of District 95 for this superhuman effort.

Congratulations, you all made it happen. District 95 is alive and kicking.

What better way than to sum up this glorious year in my favorite Kiwi expression,

“It has been sweet as”. Cry

Happy future Toastmastering to all of you.

Kees Broos

District Governor 2014-2015

Toastmasters International District 95

Posted: District 95 - Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, 30 Jun 15, 21:28 by keesbycase    Comments:

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