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easy-Speak Training

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easy-Speak in Romanian
I am delighted to announce that easy-Speak is now available in Romanian.

LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31  LANGUAGE,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31  ROMANIAN,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31
Posted: Site-wide posting, 24 Jul 16, 17:30 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0

easy-Speak software training for new club officers

Dear toastmasters, I make these slides available for anyone. They contain a collection of links for new club and area officers and further links to training videos and webinars for advanced user. Also, I put together a selection of some links that every new member and user of easy-Speak should go trough. 

You may access the PDF document here.

Hope you find it useful.

Pau Rey

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LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK TRAINING VIDEO WEBINAR RESOURCES,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31
Posted: District 59 - SW Continental Europe, 28 Jan 16, 18:41 by Bill Monsour (Sys. Ad. Acct.)    Comments: 0

We built bridges

Posted: Division B - BE, LU, NE France and Lorraine, 18 Nov 15, 10:34 by sandraliz    Comments: 0

easy-Speak - 10th anniversary edition
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31  UPDATE,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31  10_ANNIVERSARY,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31
Posted: Site-wide posting, 07 May 15, 09:16 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
A Toast to ToastMasterCard
LABELS:  MASTERCARD,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31 TOAST,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31
Posted: Division B - BE, LU, NE France and Lorraine, 06 Nov 14, 18:30 by paurey    Comments: 0
District Contest Winners - Spring 2014 - Krakow, Poland
LABELS:  DISTRICT CONTEST WINNERS,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31  KRAKOW,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31  CONTESTS,&sid=75cb19b56ced624f3879033b3c067d31
Posted: District 59 - SW Continental Europe, 27 May 14, 16:17 by Bill Monsour (Sys. Ad. Acct.)    Comments: 0

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