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Artful Orators meet again

Hello fellow Toastmasters,

Belgium's newest and first advanced club, the Artful Orators, with Martin Jugmans as President, and Wim Wottiez as Toastmaster of the Evening, will meet again on 9 October for another evening of experimentation, imagination, in depth evaluations and, above all, fun! 

Whether you're an advanced speaker or not, you're all welcome to come along as a guest, to learn and share from other advanced speakers from different clubs around the country, who all share one common goal: to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone, in a safe environment, and grow as speakers from feedback.

How long are our meetings?

From 19h30 - 21h00 The first half is similar to a classic agenda, with two prepared speeches & two evaluators.

We've created a new role for the second half: the Impromptu Master. He/she can decide what they'd like to do with the group for 30 minutes. It can include table topics, be a workshop, or something completely different.

At the first meeting on 11 September, the Impromptu Master (Sandra Lizioli) led a workshop on how to prepare an Impromptu Speech in only 5 minutes, using a new model that three volunteer speakers tried out: state it, explain it, prove it, conclude it.  Check it out on our blog:

Carte Blanche meetings: these are once a quarter.  The Toastmaster of the Evening will have 'carte blanche' to put together his/her own agenda, and be as creative, imaginative or experimental as they wish. The only thing we ask is that it will benefit fellow Toastmasters, and include learning, feedback and fun.  Our first such meeting will be in November, so watch this space. If you're already a member of our club, volunteer for the role by contacting Manie Conradie, our VP Ed.

In addition, we hope to have external guest speakers.  Next month, Bart Fonteyne will be talking to us about multiculturalism, and much more. Here's his linkedin profile:

Where do we meet? How much does it cost?

As we're a new club, we're still testing out locations.  Here's the address where we're meeting on

9 October.

De Pianofabriek
Zaal Casablanca 2
rue du Fort 35
1060 St Gilles
Fortstraat 35,
1060 St Gillis

There is a cafe where we can go for a drink before & during the break.

We ask for a 5 Euros contribution.

It's time to advance!

Get in touch with Sandra Lizioli, VP PR to join on 9 October or to get on our guest list: or

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Posted: Division B - BE, NE France, 23 Sep 13, 18:48 by sandraliz    Comments:

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