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Icelandic Evening

Wow, what an evening we had last night and one of the reasons that I really like Word Weavers (and Toastmasters)!  Christa brought her usual charm and authenticity to the Toastmaster of the Evening.  It should be noted that this was her first time as the Toastmaster of the Evening, good job Christa! She told us that the people that discovered Iceland wanted to keep for themselves so they tried to trick others by naming this wonderful green land... Iceland and the real ice land... Greenland.  Norbert got us started with a joke about a couple at the theater in Iceland.

All of the speeches tied into the Iceland theme. Patrizia's speech (basic manual- project# 4) was about a trip to a geyser that she took with her mother. She was so vivid in her descriptions, we could all imagine being there.  Andrea's speech (The Entertaining Speaker- project# 1) transported us to Iceland, where she told us of the journey that she took with her mother in the Summer of 2013, and she had some amazing pictures to share with us too.  Ingo's speech (Humorusly Speaking- project# 5) told us about why Iceland won't join the European Union.  He was the entertaining Ingo that we all know and we learned quite a bit in the process.  Franziska in her speech (Special Occasion Speeches-  project# 5) accepted an award for completing her Advanced Communicator Silver and being the seasoned Toastmaster that she is, she managed to tie Iceland into her speech in several clever ways.  She mentioned how being a Toastmaster is link an Iceberg, where there is so much buried under the surface that people don't see.  She also mentioned that he success in Toastmasters was due to honest and constructive feedback; the relationships build with other club members (especially the other officers that she served with in the past);  and fun.  Franziska showed a real humility and gave Word Weavers credit for making her the successful Toastmaster that she is and how it carried over into her professional life.

Rainer kept the Iceland theme going as the Table Topics Master.  He challenged Norbert to deal with the fallout of volcanic ash, to  which Norbert creatively responded.  Gilbert was an Icelandic farmer who was recovering from volcanic eruptions only to discover a geyser. Patrizia needed to host a dinner party using ingredients that most of wouldn't imagine eating.  Bryan was informed that in the time that he is living in Iceland, beards were a sign of masculinity and how would he answer to people that would challenge his lack of any beard.

Carsten, Bryan, Gilbert, and Ron all gave evaluations.  Carsten has very developed nicely as an evaluator.  If you didn't  know better, you wouldn't  have known that this was Gilbert's first evaluation. Regina evaluated Table Topics as we've all come to expect, pointing out where each Table Topic exceled and where there was room for improvement, while reminding us all that we could work on our etiquette.  Karin was the timer, Joanne was the Grammarian, Silvia (our guest from Famous Toastmasters) was the Ah Counter, while I was the General Evaluator.

Christa took control of the meeting planning organizing the speakers and most of the roles before the evening.  This is a direction I'd like to see the Toastmaster of the Evening go.  With some thought and preparation we can have more theme and special evening meetings  that people will remember long after the evening is over.  I don't know how many people will now plan trips to Iceland, but we're now all thinking about Iceland like never before.


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Posted: Word Weavers Club, 13 Feb 14, 16:04 by DarrylH    Comments:

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