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Happy March!

Hello Fellow Members and Friends of Word Weaver,


The sun shines brightly as I write this and you get the feeling that Spring is right around the corner.  So I’d like to take this moment to wish you all a Happy March.  


We had a wonderful club contest this past week. Thank you to Patrizia for all her work in organizing the contests. Even, while battling a bad cold, she did her best to make sure we had a wonderful club contest.  Thank you to Ron and Regina for taking on the Contest Chair and Chief Judge roles at the last moment. Thank you to all participants of the Club Contest. Thank you to all of the judges and ballot counters.  Patrizia also did something very surprising and involved people from several area clubs in the contest, a special thanks to all of the visitors that we had and it only goes to show what wonderful things we can do when we work together with others and that the Toastmaster world is far bigger than our own club, it is worth venturing out and visiting other clubs. Norbert will be representing us in the German Speech Contest.  In the International Speech Contest, Marin finished 1st, Bryan finished 2nd and Darryl finished 3rd.  Bryan took first in the English Evaluation Contest and Darryl took 2nd place.  You can read more about the contest on the blog on our website or on our Facebook page.


Congratulations, Word Weavers is now officially “Distinguished”, that is to say that we have earned 5 DCP  (Distinguished Club Program) points.  One of the big goals for the club this Toastmaster year is to three-peat at President’s Distinguished, we need to get 4 more points to do this but we’re on our way!  To reach our goal we your help.  Request some speeches so that you can get the needed educational awards for more DCP points and invite friends, family, and people that you think might benefit from being Toastmasters to our club so that we can visitors (and new members). 


We have two meetings scheduled for March, March 12th and 26th. We’re still in need of Toastmasters and there are one or two speaking slots available for 26 March. I’ll be sharing more about my HPL (High Performance Leadership) Project on 26 March.  I encourage everyone to come to the Area Contest being held at Alt Wiesbaden on 29 March. Norbert Poppe (he spoke to us about the District Fall Conference being held in Frankfurt), has informed me that on 4 March at 7 p.m, they’re holding a workshop on how to find sponsors for the Fall Conference.  The idea behind finding sponsors is to make the cost of attending the conference more affordable for everyone, but especially for members where a higher conference cost, could deter them from attending.


There is a lot to look forward to In April. Andrea will be conducting a workshop on “The Power of Ideas” on April 2nd, people from other clubs are welcome to join us as well.  We’re going to hold our first ever “Grab Bag Meeting” on 9 April.  In this meeting no roles will be assigned up front, all roles will be drawn on this evening, so you could be selected to give a speech, you could be the Toastmaster of the Evening, you could be selected for any role.  So, polish up the speeches that you’ve been storing in your cupboard and be ready to share them with us.  We’re also going to have a joint Open House with Rhetorik of Wiesbaden at the Luisenforum on 30 April.  The meeting will be held in German and in English and we need people to fill the various roles.  This is a great opportunity for the club to shine and to introduce new people to the club.   The Division F 2014 Spring Conference will be held on 5 April in Mannheim.


As Immediate Past President, Andrea is in charge of running the officer elections for Word Weavers for the 2014-15 Toastmaster year.  If you’re interested in any particular officer role, or would like to nominate someone, please get in contact with her.  Toastmaster rules discourage the club president from being president in two successive years, so the role of president is open.  Help shape the future of Word Weavers and talk to Andrea about being an officer.


Many of you have heard or seen the phrase “Like us on Facebook”.  Our club has a Facebook page and we need one more like to reach goal of 30 likes.  With 30 likes, we have the ability to see into some Facebook Analytics that could be useful, we also have a better chance to attracting people to our Facebook page.  With Facebook we could really use people to “like” what we share, comment on it, and to “share” items.  I know of a few clubs that are able to attract visitors by being active in Facebook, so it can work.


 I hope that this letter is too long for you but I wanted to share some of the exciting things we have planned in the near future at Word Weavers.  I hope you have a great March, everyone.




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Posted: Word Weavers Club, 02 Mar 14, 13:47 by DarrylH    Comments:

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