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Happy April!

Hello Fellow Members and Friends of Word Weavers.

The sun is gracing us with its presence and the birds are singing as I write this.  I would have write and shared my letter last week except that there was already a lot of emails sent out and I didn’t want to further flood your inboxes. There is a lot going on and I wanted to share some of it with you.

We had our club contest on February 26th,  and the F3/F4 Area contest was on March 29th, both were a lot of fun and those of you that were at either of those events can tell you how fun, enriching, and memorable they were.  Last Saturday the Division F Spring Contest was held in Mannheim and it was incredible.  I won’t go into all the details here for the sake of brevity but I will say that the International Speech Contest was won by Rudy Morales (who you might remember gave a speech at our club about using the stage) and the German Speech Contest was won by Alexander Lang with a speech about barriers in communication. Next month the District 59 Spring Conference will be held in Krakow, Poland and if you get the chance to go, you will not be disappointed.  As this will be the last chance to meet with Toastmasters from all over Europe, with District 59 being Continental Europe, as in July will be part of District 95 which will be Northeast Europe. I hope to see you there.

Andrea put on “The Power of Ideas” workshop last week.  It was well attended by our club and we had guests from Esprit de Corps (of Frankfurt) as well as from Rhetoric (of Wiesbaden).  Workshops and Educationals at Word Weavers have always been a fun and learning experience and this one was that and more. I can’t recommend attending any of our future workshops enough.

On April 9th, we’re having our first “Grab Bag” meeting.  This is a totally impromptu meeting, so all the roles from Toastmaster of the Evening, to Timer, and even Speakers will be determined at the meeting. As Forrest Gumps says “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. So reach into your file cabinet and dust off that speech you’ve been working on and maybe you’ll be called on to give it. This should be a lot of fun!

In addition to our regular meeting of April 23rd, we’re joining with Rhetoric (of Wiesbaden) to hold a joint Open House at the Luisen Forum on April 30th. The meeting will be conducted in German and in English and will be an excellent opportunity to introduce people to Toastmasters, so why not invite a friend or two? We still need people to do various roles at the meeting.  I’ve volunteered to be the Toastmaster of the Evening and will be giving a speech, we really need an evaluator. Let’s make this a success!

Word Weavers has a tradition of a yearly BBQ that we hold every Summer and we’ve decided to make this year’s event more memorable by adding a theme of High School Reunion for the first time. As part of the event we’d like to reach out to all of the Word Weavers over the years that we haven’t seen in a long time (or for our newer members who might not have ever seen) and we’d also like to welcome all area Toastmasters and any guests that would like to check us out. More information will be provided later.

Andrea has been organizing the elections for the Word Weavers Officers for the 2014-15 Toastmaster year and we’ll be holding elections in May.  Think about what role you can play in leading Word Weavers into the future and people that you think you’d like to nominate. Please talk to Andrea about your ideas, and I look forward to the elections in May.

One of the biggest goals that I’ve had for the club this year was to repeat at Presidents Distinguished for third year in a row (Three-peat). I announced at our last meeting that we’ve qualified for Select Distinguished and need to two more points in the DCP (Distinguished Club Program). We’re in good shape for one of the points with Carsten well on his way to completing his CC. I don’t see us getting the point for 2 more CCs, but getting 4 new members is within our reach.  Help us to reach this goal by inviting people that you think might benefit from our club and Toastmasters and people that you think would enjoy being a part of our fun and exciting group.

I gave the introductory speech about my High Performance Leadership project at out last meeting. I’m in the process of talking to everyone about what role you might be able to play in the project. The ultimate goal for my HPL is to make Word Weavers easy to find online, so that we can get more guests. I’ll be forming a project team where people will be doing a variety of things to help us get to that goal. In the project team we’ll determine what social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.) that we want to use to promote the club. One area where we’ll need the most help is in content creation, so we’ll want to share and promote content that we put online so that people find it and find us. If you haven’t notices more and more people search the internet on their smartphones and they use social media sites more and more on their smartphones so we want to be found by these people.  I also want to make some changes to the website so that people will visit it and stay, so we need content on our website that people find interesting, educational, funny, and most of all valuable and that will make them want to visit us.  I’ve done a lot of work putting things on our website, we have a blog (which you can contribute to) where I’ve put a lot of things about what we’re doing and have done. I’ve also posted a lot of pictures on our Flickr group (including pictures from the Area and Division Contests). We’ve shared a lot of things at our Facebook Page.

I hope that you have a wonderful April and that our paths cross a lot in the coming weeks.




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