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Our April 23rd Meeting

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Although several members were off with Easter Vacation planes, Word Weavers had a memorable and fun evening last night.  In addition to the members present, my oldest daughter Anna was also there, so I was little proud to share the Toastmasters and Word Weavers experience with her.

We had speeches from Ingo and myself. Ingo did project #5 from the “Speaking to Inform” manual. His speech was called “Lifetime options” and in it he wove a path through the journey of his life. He seemed to be speaking directly to my daughter when he said that you should take as many of the opportunities that you have in life because you never know where you’ll be able to use them.  He started the speech describing the image of how when you’re young, all the career possibilities are like bubbles in the air, there are so many of them and they seem to be everywhere. I could see Anna and myself chasing after bubbles and watching them burst as we touch them and all the time wondering what bubbles will really pan out.  Thank you Ingo for sharing this with us. I also did project #5 from the “Speaking to Inform” manual. My speech title was “7 Billion People”.  In it I shared my concerns about how our planet can continue to support our exploding population. I told the audience about how Annie Leonard spent over two decades becoming an expert on trash and shared some information about the Material Economy from “The Story of Stuff”. I also mentioned the Robert Kennedy quote about GDP not being a good measurement of society. I told the audience about the “Steady State Economy” and encouraged everyone to look into both of these so that we don’t cross the point of no return and can ensure a good future for our kids, grandchildren, and future generations.


Bryan asked some stimulating Table Topics. He asked Gilbert about his educational goals within Word Weavers and Toastmasters for the rest of the year.  Gilbert told us that he is going to be working in the Netherlands for the next few months and wasn’t sure that he’d have time to give too many speeches. When asked what one thing he’d like to change about the club, Rainer said that he’d like to see that our meeting location is better equipped to use the beamer and to make presentations.  Rainer, we’ll see what we can do about that, thank you for the input. Martin was asked about his favorite speech and he told us it was a speech that he gave where he was selling a product.  He said that he had forgotten a lot of what he had planned to say but that the audience really liked it and this taught him that the audience often doesn’t see our speeches the same way that we do and when we’re overly critical about our performance, often the audience will like what we did, something for all of us to keep in mind.  Anna was asked about her feelings on Spring and she talked about how she enjoyed that the days are getting longer so that she can play outside longer. Maybe it runs in the family, but the amber light was on when she finished and she did a very good job for her first Table Topic

Bryan and Martin were the Evaluators and both of them provided some valuable tips that the speakers can. Anna was our timer and she really did a great job and had a lot of fun. I was the Toastmaster of the Evening. 

Next week we’re going to have an Open House with Rhetorik of Wiesbaden, there have been a lot of guests invited, so it would be good if we can have as many members as possible attend so that we can answer questions of the guests and show them what a fun group we are.  In addition to our regular meeting on May 14th, we also have our annual BBQ on May 21st, so we have some fun events on the horizon.


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