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Our May 28th Meeting

Every meeting at Word Weavers is fun and memorable and our May 28th meeting didn’t disappoint here either

We had speeches from Carsten, Charles, and myself. Carsten did project #10 from the “Competent Communication” manual. His speech was called “A Night at the Opera”.  I don’t know about you but when I read the title I was reminded of the famous Marx Brothers movie as well as a well know Queen album, so I was curious. Carsten told us about how he didn’t like Opera and when forced to see one early in his life, his opinion didn’t change. Carsten told us how you can learn history, be left sitting on the edge of your seat, and be totally surprised by what happens on the Opera state. Carsten completed his CC and I feel proud to have witnessed his growth as he has become a Competent Communicator.  Charles did project# 2 from the “Competent Communication” manual. He took us all on a captivating journey to Butan, where he recently took a family vacation in a speech called “Butan- Gross National Happiness”. Butan has 21 mountains that are higher than 7,000 meters and Tibet and India are its closest neighbors. They have a pretty high standard of living with a lot of happiness. Most everyone there is a vegetarian, but they do still have “other” food for the tourists, but Charles was very impressed with the vegetarian food that he eat while he was there. I did project #4 from the “Speaking to Inform” manual. My speech title was called “Lessons From the Space Shuttle”.  In it I shared some lessons I took away from reading the disaster reports of the Challenger and the Columbia. This speech project include a questions and answers session of 2-3 minutes, members present were interested in the subject and we could have definitely gone on a little longer.


Bryan was our Toastmaster of the Evening as well as being our Ah Counter and Grammarian. I was the Table Topics Master and took the opportunity to use an app on my mobile phone that generates Table Topic questions. Ingo was asked about the benefits and negative aspects of mobile phones. Christa was asked about what she was proudest of in her life’s accomplishments.  Rainer was asked about his scariest moment.


Norbert, Ingo, and Charles all gave good and useful evaluations.  Ingo also provided his usual humor in the Joke of the Day.  Gustavo was our Timer and Rainer was our General Evaluator.

We held our elections for officers for 2014-15 Toastmaster year.  Congratulations our next group of Officers.

President- Patrizia

VP Education- Darryl

VP Membership- Norbert

VP Public Relations. Gustavo

Treasurer- Marin

Secretary- Joanne

Sargent at Arms- Bernadette


I’d also like to thank the members who served as officers for the 2013-14 Toastmaster year. Bryan, Patrizia, Karin, Martin, Isabelle, Gabi and Gilbert, thank you all for your contribution to running the club during the current Toastmaster year! I’ve enjoyed being club president this year and believe that we’ll be well served by our new officers.

We still have two more meetings left in the current Toastmaster year, so let’s make them memorable!  For our June 11th meeting we’ll have a World Cup theme, so feel free to pass along your ideas. For our June 25th meeting we’ll have the induction ceremony to welcome our new officers and discharge our current officers.  Word Weavers needs 3 more new members to reach our goal of being Presidents Distinguished, please seek who you can invite to our remaining meetings so that we can reach this goal! I’m having the kick-off for my High Performance Leadership project team at Ruders 1888 in Wiesbaden Biebrich on June 4th at 7 pm.  Please let me know if you can make it or not.  If you’re not able to make it to this meeting, I’ll find another way to bring you on board.  I hope to see you soon.


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