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Word Weavers Caught The Fever


Do you have World Cup Fever yet? The 2014 World Cup is nearly here and Word Weavers took the opportunity to hold its June 11th meeting with a “World Cup Fever” theme and a fun time was had by all, in addition to raising everyone’s temperature. 

We had speeches from Norbert, Darryl, and a last minute addition by Bryan. Norbert’s speech was called “How to Prepare for Retirement”, which was project #3 from the “Humourously Speaking” manual. Even within such a serious topic, Norbert was able to get us to laugh while we digested his message about planning for retirement. Not only do you need to make sure that you have enough money (if and when) you retire, but you need to plan what your life will be like when you’re retired.  Many people take vacations, clean up around their homes, renovate their homes, and then fall into depression because they don’t know what to do with all of their spare time, because they didn’t think about it up front.  Norbert also suggested that we should manage our assets, as he knew someone that put all of his savings into a fund that went bankrupt, when asked what happened to his money, his friend’s advisor said that the money was still there but it belonged to different people now. My speech was called “Peléeeeeeeeee!” and it was project #2 from the “Competent Communications” manual. What would soccer and the World Cup be without one of its greatest players?  Bryan’s speech was called “The World Cup of Toastmasters” and he reminded us how the club is like a World Cup Team and how we all do our part to be a successful club and how we help each other to achieve our goals within Toastmasters.

I was the Toastmaster of the Evening and our Word of the Day was, (care to guess?) Goal (Tor in German) was the Word of the Day. I was the Table Topics Master and I think that everyone had fun with the questions.  Martin was the ball and had to describe what was happening on the field from the ball’s point of view. Norbert had to motivate the Ghanaian team for their game with Germany. Victoria had to inspire the Spanish team to play Australia.  Joanne told us how she’d get the English team out of the World Cup drought.  Incidentally, when England won their one and only World Cup, Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest that year, and she sees that the stars are now aligned. Bryan had to step into the shoes of Jürgen Klinsmann and get the American team motivated to beat Germany.  Charles and Norbert were evaluators.  Everyone had a blast.

Our next meeting will be June 25th and we’ll have the Induction ceremony for the new officers. We’re close to becoming “Presidents Distinguished” but we need three new members to do it, so why not invite family, friends, colleagues, anyone that you think might benefit from Toastmasters. We double-checked the World Cup Schedule last night and since Germany and the U.S. aren’t playing that night, we hope that you’ll join us.

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