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District 95 Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden

District 107 Andorra, Portugal and Spain

District 108 Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

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District 110 Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rep. of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine

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Our June 25th Meeting


Word Weavers held our Induction Ceremony on June 25th and it was quite an evening. In addition to the changing of the guard and swearing in of the 2014-15 Club Officers,  we had two speeches, an update on the 2014 District 95 Fall Conference, an interesting Table Topics, and the usual fun that we have at a Word Weavers meeting.

Nobert Poppe gave us an update about the first ever District 95 Conference being held in Frankfurt November 14-16. He told us about the introduction of the conference that they did in Krakow and that the official website is up and running as well as a Facebook page.  The early bird registration is closed and there are already more than 100 people registered. Things are progressing nicely but there is a lot of work to be done, why not check out the website and see where you might be able to help?

Regina did project number 9 from the “Competent Communications” manual. In her speech called “The Future is Bright” she told us about Toastmasters is doing with the revitalization of the Educational programs. The program earlier had a rollout date of July 2014, but has been pushed back do the enormous scope of what is being done.  One of the big benefits of the program in the future will be the ability to download speech projects, so you don’t necessarily have to have a physical manual to do a speech project. Regina had a PowerPoint presentation that she showed along with her speech.  We’ll get more information from Regina so that some of the Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed (as well as other information useful information).

I gave my “President’s Farewell Address” which included a recognition of the 2013-14 Club Officers as well as the swearing in of the 2014-15 Club Officers. If you’d like to read the text of my speech you can find it here.  I’ve really enjoyed being the president for this past year and thank all of you for giving that opportunity! I hope that you’ll take the time to read my the text of my speech.

Andrea was our Table Topics Master and she had the participants take part in fairy tales that were familiar to us all. Martin was the mirror in Snow White and he had to tell the evil step mother that she wasn’t the prettiest woman in the kingdom. Gustavo found Juliet and had to convince her not to take the poison after finding her Romeo dead (spoiler alert, we all know that he wasn’t really dead, only pretending). Norbert was the doorman at the birthday celebration of Sleeping Beauty and his job was to convince the evil fairy not to put a curse on Sleeping Beauty and you can just imagine the fun that Norbert had with this one! Another highlight was that Martin’s youngest daughter participated in her first Table Topic!

We had a couple of new agenda items. Patrizia and I thought that it would be a good idea to plan more pictures into our meetings and events, so we’re now going to have an agenda item right before the brake called the “Kodak moment”. The other new item is an HPL status update. I had the project team kickoff meeting and I discovered that I need to promote this more within the club, which will include more explanation of what is going on and how everyone can help. We’re doing some amazing things at the club and we can promote these via our online presence and this can help people to find us via their favourite online search sites. I’d love to have help in creating content, if I can get everyone to do one thing a month this would already help in putting content online on a weekly basis.

I presented Carsten with a new name badge indicating that he completed his CC.  I’m very proud of the educational awards that our members have achieved this year. Ron and Regina have both become DTMs this year and I’ve seen so much growth in members like Carsten, it makes me feel proud to be a Word Weaver and to have been your President.

I’m looking forward to being your Vice President of Education for this Toastmaster year and am excited to be a part of Patrizia’s officer team.  I hope that you’ll all support her and the other officers and that 2014-15 will be another great year!



2013-14 Word Weavers President

2014-15 Vice President of Education and Immediate Past President


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