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The Big Picture- Patrizia's Inaugural Address

Dear Toastmaster of the evening, fellow Word Weavers, honored guests.

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU. Thank you all for your warm welcome, good wishes, and the confidence you have shown in me by electing me to be your president for the 2014/15 Toastmasters year.

I am very honored to be standing here tonight in front of this wonderful Word Weavers club. I want to take a look behind me and congratulate my fellow club officers of 2013/14.

  • Let me mention Darryl, as our past president, YOU have done an amazing job in leading our club to be Select Distinguished Toastmasters club.
  • An informative flyer has been put together by our VP PR Karin. Thank you.
  • Bryan as our VP Education motivated all of us for our speeches and to be engaged in different roles. Thank you
  • We moved into this new location thanks to our Sergeant of Arms.
  • And most important a BIG thank you to each and everyone of YOU, who have made this possible.

Having this wonderful time behind us, it made me think about what I can say to make this upcoming year one full of memorable moments. Past all the words, this is what came to my mind. A picture is says more than a thousand words!How does the picture look like, what comes up in your mind when looking at our Word Weavers club? In the next minutes let me share the picture I have in my mind when seeing our Word Weavers club in 2014/15.

Let’s gather our tools and prepare the basics. What do we need? A canvas on which the picture is drawn; Colors - red, yellow, blue; different paint brushes and a frame. Anything else? Of course, the artist. I am picturing YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU, the entire club to be the artist. The artist of this beautiful image, which is reflecting a potpourri of: passion, interest, emotion, development.  Each of you is an artist, leaving an individual piece, a typical paint structure and your own color scheme. This is for example, giving your fifth speech from the Competent Communicator manual, the third speech from the Storytelling manual, or advancing to the Advanced Communicator Silver.

You, the painter, are developing with every stroke of the paint brush, with every new color you create for the first time. Grab the opportunity to try a new role, like giving feedback, acting as the Toastmaster of the Evening or being the Timer. I want to encourage you to explore the creativity inside yourself and express yourself. It will leave a layer of paint on the canvas for sure.

Having found the artists, I would like to take a look at the composition of an image which is basic and very important. You all know the golden ratio. It represents an esthetic relation of a composition, one third versus two third of the image. To put this into our overall picture, during this TM year, I would like to fill the main part of the picture with your activities and achievements.

With great composition, the painting I picture is catching the eyes of the beholder. When entering the room at our meeting location and you take a look around you know it’s a “Word Weavers”. People from other clubs will be invited and come to see our picture. It is represented with a warm and inviting welcome, by a clear visual, like the banner, the Toastmasters lectern, and other branding. Not only inside the room, but also from the outside the Word Weavers picture is visible. Keying in Word Weavers on the web, in social media like Facebook or Xing, a clear message is brought across.

Photographs of our meetings, short videos of the club, testimonials, and a blog showing our  activities will invite new members to take a closer look at Word Weavers. Thanks to Darryl and his High Performance Leadership project, we are already on a very good path. Please keep on contributing and giving your support to this project.

Another part is yet to be filled, the last third of the image. It represents our club activities in the picture for me. I see a lot of fun with events and theme nights, like in the past the club contest, the annual BBQ, and the Iceland evening. Create a new event and leave your footprints with your special topic. How about a Word Weavers “White Night” evening?

This will all add up to make the composition of the picture which represents our club.  Dear fellow Word Weavers, the picture I have in my mind is in a heavy golden frame. It is very colorful and diverse. Let`s keep on filling this picture. You are creative, you are passionate, you are developing your talents.

I am very much looking forward to taking a look at the big picture and the composition which will represent the entire Word Weavers Club this Toastmaster Year!


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Posted: Word Weavers Club, 17 Jul 14, 15:33 by DarrylH    Comments:

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