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We Celebrated Down By the River

On 23 July, Word Weavers enjoyed a beautiful, warm summer evening, having our meeting down by the Rhein  River at the Bootshaus. In honour of Germany winning the World Cup, the central theme of the evening was "celebration".   And there was much to celebrate. 

Our newest member of the club, Carola, held her Icebreaker and she explained the confusion behind her name.  A big Word Weavers welcome to Carola who has also offered to take over the Sergeant at Arms position!  We were also joined by guest speaker Michael of Rhetorik Wiesbaden, whose speech (Competent Communication project l#9) was entitled "Changing your life".  He told us how working out and meditation have brought him out of a dark point in his life.We hope to welcome Michael back again soon.  Darryl, who was also Toastmaster of the Evening, he did a speech (Competent Communication project #5) on the topic of  "Celebration" as well as an educational on mentoring and how important this is for the success and satisfaction of our members and the club. 

Keeping in the theme of the evening, Ingo came up with some celebratory Table Topics.  Table Topic speakers were Martin, Darryl, Joanne, Michael and Patrizia.  Carola was evaluated by Patrizia and Michael by Martin. Michael was Timer.  Joanne took over the role of Ah Counter and Grammarian.  Patrizia was the General Evaluator. Patrizia said that we always have reasons to celebrate and shared the following three closing statements with us:

  • Start each day with expectations
  • Give a gift to everyone you meet (it doesn’t have to be anything expensive, it could just be a smile)
  • End each day with gratitude

With regard to other club business, the membership workshop planned for 30th July will have to be rescheduled due to Norbert's illness.  We wish Norbert all the best for a speedy recovery!

Darryl gave an update on his High Performance Leadership and described what is needed in the project. He’ll be putting this information on the website in the near future. He also told everyone about the “Coming Events” page on the website, where you can get a quick overview of special events and the blog, where there will not only be meeting summaries, but more information on the different club activities.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on 13th August at the usual time and the normal location.  

Thank you to Joanne for the meeting summary!

P.S. Don't forget to communicate your Toastmaster goals for the 2014/2015 Toastmaster year  to Darryl at the next meeting or drop him a line by e-mail.

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Posted: Word Weavers Club, 25 Jul 14, 15:04 by DarrylH    Comments:

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