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Our Blog  (Word Weavers Club) 
Our August 27th Meeting

Word Weavers had another fun and exciting evening on August 27th. We were honored to have Bärbel from Famous Toastmasters of Wiesbaden as our Toastmaster of the Evening and in the process of being our TME she completed her CL (Competent Leadership manual). Bärbe told us that for this last task in her CL manual she wanted to be TME at a different club. She was warm and exuded authenticity in her role and just goes to show that while you can visit any Toastmaster club you’d like, you can give a speech but you can also be the TME, so why not!

Martin gave a speech “Tom and the Circus” (Project# 3 from the Storytelling manual). He told us of a sheep that wanted to join the circus.  When Tom, the sheep, found out that the circus life wasn’t want he had initially imagined and was asked if he was happy with his decision, his response was that even it if reality wasn’t quite what he had planned, he was still living his dream, something that most sheep don’t do. Darryl gave a speech called “The Dream” (project# 6 from the Competent Communication manual). In which he told us that sometimes classic can be updated or reworked to reach a whole new audience. In his speech he played a short snippet from the world famous “I Have a Dream” speech and then played a snippet from the song “One Day”, where the speech was mixed to club music, thus reaching a whole new audience. Darryl also did an educational on selecting your next speech topic. Potential speech topics are everywhere you just need to be on the lookout for them. Look into your own interests, work, and personal experience while looking at external resources with a different eye and you’ll be amazed at what kind of topics you can easily come up with.

Patrizia was our Table Topics Master and in opening the Table Topics she said that we were all creative people and her questions challenged us to put that creativity to work. Ron was the architect of a future city in which there were only bikes. Rainer was the designer of a statute for the 2016 Olympic Games and the main materials he could use were water and sand. Karin was to design the airplane of the future, while Isabelle was told that she would be able to remodel our meeting room.

Rita and Isabelle gave speech evaluations. Ron was the timer and the Ah Counter.  Rainer was the Grammarian. Ingo made us all laugh with one of his jokes and Michael (who joined Word Weavers after the meeting) was the General Evaluator. Everyone please welcome Michael!

Darryl has set up a page on our website that lists positions that need to be filled with his HPL including descriptions.  There is room for everyone to participate so, please talk to him about what you’d be interested in doing.  He also mentioned that he has shared something about the Toastmasters 2014 International Convention on the Facebook page and told us about this year’s winner. He also mentioned that he was likely to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and asked if anyone was interested in being challenged.

Here are some upcoming events…

Club Fall Contest- September 24th

F3/F4 Area Contest- October 11th (at Alt Wiesbaden)

Division F Contest- October 25th (in Freiburg)

Word Weavers is celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Toastmasters on October 22nd

Word Weavers has two DCP (Distinguished Club Program) points. If we can get 5 new members before the end of September, we can qualify for the Smedley award (we already have 2 new members).

Patrizia told us that there were three event coming in September where we could reach out to members of the community and possibly get more visitors to the club (see the email she sent out on August 27th here). Darryl presented Patrizia the ribbon Word Weavers earned at Select Distinguished in the 2013-14 Toastmaster year. Patrizia informed us that Norbert is progressing, he is awake and she’ll let us know when we can visit him!

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on 10 September.   We’ll need contestents and all kinds of people to help us run a successful and memorable club contest on September 24th (please let Patrizia or Joanne know what role you’ll be able to play in the event. Marting will be collecting dues for the next six months during September. Remember to sign up for meeting roles via EasySpeak and to let Darryl or Patrizia know if you've signed up for a speech or would like to sign up for a speech.


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