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Procrastination And Cappuccino- Our September 10th Meeting!

At our first meeting of September we were delighted to be joined by two guests: Alex who is considering becoming a member and Naile from Famous.  With Rita as Toastmaster of the evening we were in good hands and we were treated to speeches from Ingo, Sina and Darryl.

Ingo's task was to persuade us to purchase an hourglass with his excellent speech entitled "Procrastination" (project #1 from the Persuasive Speaking manual).  Ingo excelled in explaining why the simple and silent hourglass would be better than the usual kitchen timer we all know that makes a ticking noise and then has a explodes with sound when the alarm goes off.  What has this to do with procrastination you may ask?  Ingo had a device for us where there were bubbles that flowed up from the bottom of the hourglass to the top, but made no sound. At first you’ll look over at the hourglass, but because there is no sound to distract you, you’ll dive into whatever you want work on. 

Sina in her speech, "The wonder of Cappuccino" (project #3 from the Speaking to Inform manual) explained the science behind the change in sound when you tap the side of the cup with the spoon before you start drinking it makes a different sound from when you stir your cappuccino and then tap the side of your cup with your spoon.  Sina showed all of us that science could be fun and got us thinking that better practical demonstrations could make science fun for more people. The physics behind this was only discovered several years ago.  Sina concluded by urging us to observe our environment and use our natural curiosity to make discoveries about the things that surround us every day. One of the members even suggested that Sina should be “Sina the Science Girl”

Darryl's speech “Luck 13” (project #3 from the Competent Communication manual) focused on turning the “unlucky 13 and the 13th Anniversary of September 11th into something positive via the celebration of the legacy that the victims have left behind via a Pinterest pinboard of Project 2996. The entitled "Lucky 13".  This new pinboard will focus on what has been done to keep the memory of the victims alive via scholarships, foundations, charities, buildings, parks, streets, schools, anything has been dedicated to the victims and anything that keeps their memory alive. 

During the educational, Darryl explained how speeches can be requested via EasySpeak.  Also, he requested that we all bring our Competent Leader manuals to the meetings as most all roles count towards the Competent Leader Award.  Also he reminded us to communicate attendance via EasySpeak and to sign up for roles in good time, as very often the roles are filled just before the start of the meeting.

Regina at short notice took on the role of Table Topics Master.  Each table topic speaker was invited to take a slip of paper upon which a type of weather was written.  The question to be answered was why this weather is your favorite weather for your vacation. First up was Rainer explained that as he is from North Germany that is why he is so fond of steady rain.  Alex regaled us with a tale of how he loves the sun but his wife prefers the shade.  Patrizia had no problem in convincing us why she loves a good hailstorm. Naile told us how she stops, waiting for the weather to clear, when she is on a motorcycle tour during storms. Andrea loves the fog, as it lends her photographs an evocative theme. Regina took over the role of Table Topics Master shortly before the meeting, show us once again that we can all think on our feet (even when coming up with Table Topics questions)

Ingo was evaluated by Darryl, Sina by Regina and Darryl by Rainer. Table Topics were evaluated by Patrizia.  Joanne was Grammarian and Timer.  Andrea was General Evaluator.

During his HPL update, Darryl informed us that Word Weavers now has accounts/profiles at Facebook, Flickr, SlideShare, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus. He sent out an email earlier in the week with links to the profiles. You can also find links to the videos that Patrizia made here.

As a reminder, the Fall Club Contest will take place on 24th September comprising Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contests.   If you would like to participate please let Patrizia or Joanne know.  Likewise if you're planning on attending the meeting and are able to take on a role, please let Joanne know.  It will be a fun and memorable evening, so come a long and bring a friend or two!

Thank you to Joanne for the meeting summary.

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Posted: Word Weavers Club, 16 Sep 14, 11:51 by DarrylH    Comments:

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