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Word Weavers Celebrated the 90th Anniversary of Toastmasters



Because good times are worth remembering, here is what happened at our October 22nd meeting. The 90th Anniversary of Toastmasters was a monumental event, with clubs all over the world celebrating in their own way, so it was great that Word Weavers could be part of such a grand occasion. Not only were we linked to present day clubs from the past but history and traditions from 90 years of Toastmasters flowed through our celebration.


Michael – our Toastmaster of the Evening - and Patrizia did a wonderful job of making the room look festive. We also toasted our club and Toastmasters with a glass of champagne and enjoyed a slice or two of a delicious Tiramisu birthday cake (made by Restaurant Turnhalle). Thank you to Patrizia and Michael for this lovely surprise.


Michael did a great job in his first time as Toastmaster of the Evening at Word Weavers with an opening round about what Toastmasters means to everyone and throughout the evening he threw in a Toastmaster trivia question on TM history. Did you know that Toastmasters was not open to women until 1973? Carsten entertained us with his joke of the evening.


Considering that the Icebreaker is the first speech that all Toastmasters give, it seemed only fitting that we’d have one as part of our 90th Anniversary celebration. The first speech of the evening was an Icebreaker from Larisa (project #3 from the Competent Communication manual). Larisa, originally from Moldavia, told us about a banner on her classroom wall that  read „Learn, learn, learn“ Larisa was a conscientious student and studied journalism. After coming to Germany to study several years ago, she is now learning English. And is still learning, learning, learning.


The second speech was from Joanne (project #4 from the Competent Communication manual) on the early days of Toastmasters, how the idea came from the founder Dr. Ralph C. Smedley, to start Toastmasters. Dr. Smedley was a natural teacher, he was interested in public speaking and wanted the people around him to benefit from good communication skills believing that better communication skills can improve all areas of one's life.


As learning is at the heart of what Toastmasters do, Patrizia did an Educational on „Beginning your speech“ from the „Better Speaker“ series. Every speech needs a beginning and as we’re all often stumped on how to begin our speech, she shared ideas on how you can begin your speech..


Naturally, Patrizia gave Table Topics  a Toastmaster theme as our  Table Topic Master.


Rainer question was „Toastmasters clubs are present in 126 countries. If you could visit any club, where would you go and why?” Rainer chose Hawaii as it is on the other side of the world, has very beautiful landscapes, and maybe the people there could change his life.


Carsten was asked if he had the chance to meet Toastmasters' founder, Dr. Ralph Smedley, what would he say to him?” Carsten replied that he would have asked Dr. Smedley why he didn't allow women to join his club.


Karin was asked who she would invite (living or deceased) if she could conduct her own private Toastmasters meeting. Karin gave a very personal answer; she would invite her father, who passed away this year. She thinks he would have thoroughly enjoyed a Word Weavers meeting!


Ingo was asked what he would pack into a time capsule to send into the future. His reply was that he would pack a Word Weaver meeting into the capsule so that people of the future would have an idea about how we communicate.


We enjoyed a very delicious Birthday cake during the break.


Larisa was evaluated by Patrizia, Joanne by Ingo. The Table Topics were evaluated by Martin. Joanne was Ah-counter and Carola was our Timekeeper.

Be sure to mark your calendars for these coming events:


Next meeting on 12 November, Michael S. will be our Toastmaster of the evening but we still have room for one more speaker and several roles open. Darryl is competing in the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests at the Division F Contest 25 October in Freiburg. We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving on 26 November. We’re also looking forward to the first ever District 95 Conference right here in the Rhein Main area. Workshops have been announced as well as the Keynote speaker. Tickets can be bought for the contests and workshops as well as the Gala Dinner, so you can dress up and take your spouse/friend to the Gala Dinner and expose them to a side of Toastmasters outside of the normal club meetings. Toastmasters from all over Europe (although mostly those in District 95) will be there and current estimates on attendees range from 250 to 300. You won’t want to miss this!


We hope to see you soon.  


Thank you to Joanne for the meeting summary!

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