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November 12th Meeting- The Interactive Meeting!

Because good times are worth remembering, here is what happened at our November 12th meeting. Michael S. brought an interactivity, excitement, and fun to our meeting as the Toastmaster of the Evening. He also led us into some unchartered territory, encouraging us to try something different and bringing his own personality into his efforts as moderator. He set the tone for further experimentation throughout the evening.


Michael kicked things off with a different kind of opening round. We all stood up, he was a reporter doing man on the street interviews. To facilitate and help us with our answers he had filled a poster board with 3 different questions, each one of us would be asked one of them. They were:

  • “What does November mean to you?”
  • “95 Reasons to go there:  why should one go to the Toastmasters Conference in your view?”
  • “25 years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall:  in your opinion, did the German Reunification succeed?”


The word of the day was “Comet Landing” in honor of E.S.A. Rosetta spacecraft and Philae lander touching down on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, a project more than ten years in the making! Carsten got us laughing with the joke of the day.


The first prepared speech was from Darryl, with his speech, “Kicking the Bucket” (project #9 from the Competent Communication manual). “Kick the Bucket” is an American expression for dying.  Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freedman stared in a movie (“The Bucket List”) where they created a list of things that they wanted to do before they died. Darryl shared a quote from Helen Blanchard (the first woman in Toastmasters and a former International President) “If you get out of Toastmasters all there is to get out of Toastmasters, you’ll never get out of Toastmasters”. Darryl encouraged us to create our own “Bucket List” but to think about putting things related to Toastmasters on them. Our second speech was actually an interactive game prepared by Michael. He prepared another card with five different questions. A ball would then be tossed to someone and they would be told which question they needed to answer. They, in turn, would throw the ball to someone else who would have to answer the question selected for them.  The questions were:

  • “What was the highlight of your week?”
  • “What is your favorite hobby?”
  • “Which actor/actress do you like the most and why?
  • “Introduce yourself in one sentence.”
  • “Say what you want.”


Keeping the interactivity theme going, Darryl did an impromptu educational, asking everyone what they would like to learn about in an upcoming educational session. He said that a great way to learn is to research a topic and then share what you’ve learned with the club and that there is a lot of material already available from Toastmasters that can be the basis or starting point for other educational sessions. Based on the input provided, he decided to do a short session on impromptu speaking, indicating that we would cover this topic more deeply in session in the near future.


Sina, as our Table Topics Master, took the interactivity and newness theme in new directions but having a crimi/detective theme throughout her questions.  The participants were each given a piece of paper with a description of something that happened and they needed to then do something with it. One of the scenarios had someone dying, another had aliens landing and another had a body coming back to life. It was a very creative session and one that we’ll probably revisit sometime in the future.


Darryl told us during his HPL update that most of the social media profiles have been set up, including Facebook page, Flickr Group, YouTube Channel, SlideShare, Pinterest, Google Plus, Xing group, and now a LinkedIn group (look for “Toastmasters Rhein-Main” to find this).  Now that most of the profiles are set up we need content! Darryl has listed the roles that need to be filled on a page at our website here. We also have meeting summaries and other things at Our Blog. There is room for everyone and your talents and creativity, please talk to Darryl about how you can help out.



Andrea evaluated Darryl’s speech and Ingo evaluated the Table Topics. Patrizia was our Grammarian, Christa was our Ah Counter, and Larrisa our Timer. We did the General Evaluator role as a group and wouldn’t you know it, Michael prepared some questions for us to use for the basis of our comments and evaluations! The questions/comments were:

  • “What did you like tonight?”
  • “What could be improved?”
  • “What have you missed?”


Upcoming Events:

  • District 95 Conference in Frankfurt
  • Thanksgiving themed meeting on November 26th
  • Christmas meeting on December 10th
  • Famous Toastmasters are having a tour of Wiesbaden on December 4th,(they need to know if you’ll attend by November 20th)


The overall comments mentioned during the General Evaluation, most everyone really liked interactivity and new things that we tried during the meeting. We had a lot of fun and even though we always have a lot of fun in Word Weavers, this meeting showed that we can still have a lot of fun when we try new things.  We hope to see you soon.


Thank you to Darryl for the meeting summary! 

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