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February 25th Meeting- En Garde!



Because good times are worth remembering, here is an account of the Word Weavers meeting of February 25, 2015. Our second meeting in February was at the Heimathafen, and the different location brought some new energy. We had a pretty full meeting with two guest from Rhetorik Wiesbaden and two other guests. 


Ingo filled in for Patirzia as club president with his usual charm and humor. He started with  opening question where everyone could introduce themselves and say how long they’ve been a member (oddly enough, this tended to be around 4 years with the “more experienced members”). Rita was our then our Toastmaster of the Evening. She showed us the experienced TME that she is.


After the joke of the evening by Sina, we had three prepared speeches.

The first prepared speech of the evening was from Rainer (The Entertaining Speaker project #3) entitled "The Anti-Heron".  Rainer presented a dialog between and officer and one of us commands, a kamikaze pilot. The kamikaze pilot had a bandana when he spoke, while the commander has a cap on when he spoke. Rainer made excellent use of props so the audience was able to follow which person was speaking, he also was able to bring out different personalities for the two characters. Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter.


Next to take the stage was Peter (a guest speaker from Rhetorik Club Wiesbaden) with his speech (The Entertaining Speaker project# 4) entitled "It’s A Long Way to Negril".  Peter told us about a trip he had planned to Jamaica with a close friend, Robert. Robert was very bad with time, so Peter needed to “help” Robert to be on time, which presented quite a few challenges. Peter informed us that this was his English speaking debut and he was well received by the audience, so feel free to join us again any time!


The third prepared speech was by Larissa (CC project #5) and entitled "Fencing Is My Passion". Among other things, Larissa showed us how fencing was a lot like giving a speech at Toastmasters with the various greetings as well as the need to follow the rules. Larissa talked to us by showing (in full fencing outfit) a few of the lunges. She also told us of her recent success at tournament in Hessen.


Our Table Topics Master of the evening was Joanne, who gave ever participant an unusual headline, which they were to tell us the story behind it. Andrea was first up with the headline “Starvation Can Lead to Health Hazzards”. Andrea told us how she experienced this with a diet that she had in the past.


Carsten's headline was “Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge”. Casten told us about a wonderful new technology that manages to revitalize concrete and steel, without having to take apart and rebuild bridges and buildings.


Darryl’s headline was “Police Arrest Everyone on 22 February”. Darryl said that the most popular costume at Carnival this year was the Policeman/Policewomen. Naturally, all those police needed something to do with the handcuffs. He wonders what will be the big costume next year.


Lena (one of our three guests) told us about how all of her paints were stolen one time and she reported this to the police and everything. Well, it turns out that her husband had decided to redecorate and took them all outside to do this. To save face with the police, they moved all the paintings to a nearby tree and said that they found them by a tree.


Ron (second of the three guests) told us about how earthquakes happen, Which included plate colliding, asteroids, people jumping up and down at the same time, and finally a whole lot of hand shaking.


Our last guest got the headline that “Bigger Kangaroos Jump Farther”. To which she said “duh” mentioned to her long legs and pointed to them and then she asked Sina to stand up and motioned to her and her shorter legs, to which the crowd roared with laughter.


It was so great to see guests actively participating in Table Topics, which goes to show that Joanne did a good job in putting the questions together.


Regina evaluated Rainer, Michael S evaluated Peter and Martin evaluated Larissa. Isabelle evaluated Table Topics. Victoria was our timekeeper, while Ron counted our ahs and ums. Rainer was our grammarian. Michael S was our General Evaluator. He indicated that the Heimathafen meeting location was a test. As this wasn’t a normal night there (ZDF was filming in the café during this week), so that we’d like to test it again as a possible new meeting location.  The overall feeling was very positive. Look for another future meeting to be held there.


In other club business, the club contest has been scheduled for 25th March 2015.  The Spring contest comprises of the International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contests.  If you would like to participate in the contest or take on a contest role please let the contest organisers,  Michael and Joanne know.  The F3/F4 Area contest will be held on April 18th in the same location where the D95 contest was held the past November.  Peter Smith, our Area Governor is looking for people to help run the contest, so be sure to let Patrizia know if you can help out. This will be different than the past few contests that have been held at Alt Wiesbaden, as this was a great venue for the D95 Contest. 


We look forward to welcoming you at our next meeting on 11th March. Be sure to look have a look at all the pictures from the meeting at the Word Weavers Flickr group.

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