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District 59 Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Monaco

District 95 Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden

District 107 Andorra, Portugal and Spain

District 108 Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

District 109 Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, FYR Macedonia, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City

District 110 Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rep. of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine

District U Undistricted Clubs in Europe

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2014 F3-F4 Spring Contest


Congrautlations to Bryan,...

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LABELS:  WORD WEAVERS,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  2014 F3 SPRING CONTEST,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809 ,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809
Posted: Word Weavers Club, 31 Mar 14, 17:18 by DarrylH    Comments:

Darryl's High Performance Leadership Project

I did the introductory speech for my High Performance Leadership project at the Word Weavers Meeting on 26 March.  I've written up an article including the text that my speech was based on that you can read about here.  I'll be talking to everyone in the club about the role you'd be interested in taking within the project team that I'm putting together.  I'll be setting up a project meeting where we can determine what will be done by whom. Stay tuned.




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LABELS:  WORD WEAVERS,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  HPL,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  LEADERSHIP,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809
Posted: Word Weavers Club, 28 Mar 14, 09:56 by DarrylH    Comments:

Word Weavers is Select Distinguished for the 2013-14 TM Year

I had a look at the DCP (Distinguished Club Program) reports before our meeting yesterday and noticed that Word Weavers now has 7 DCP points.  This means that we're now qualified as a Select Distinguished Club in the 2013-14 Toastmaster Year.  We had a goal of Three-peating as "President's Distinguished" which means that we need to get 2 more DCP points and stay above 20 members for the remainder of the year.  We could use everyone's help in getting there.  Think about when you can complete the manuals you're working on before the end of June.  Talk to Bryan or Darryl about scheduling your...

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LABELS:  WORD WEAVERS,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  DCP,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  DISTINGUISHED,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  SELECT DISTINGUISHED,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  PRESIDEN'T DISTINGUISHED,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809
Posted: Word Weavers Club, 27 Mar 14, 22:13 by DarrylH    Comments:

26 March Meeting
LABELS:  WORD WEAVERS,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  MEETING,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809 ,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809
Posted: Word Weavers Club, 27 Mar 14, 22:07 by DarrylH    Comments: 0
Word Weavers is Distinguished for the 2013-14 TM Year!
LABELS:  WORD WEAVERS,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  DCP,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  DISTINGUISHED,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  PRESIDEN'T DISTINGUISHED,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809
Posted: Word Weavers Club, 02 Mar 14, 20:30 by DarrylH    Comments: 0
Happy March!
LABELS:  WORD WEAVERS,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  MARCH NEWS,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809 ,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809
Posted: Word Weavers Club, 02 Mar 14, 13:47 by DarrylH    Comments: 0
2014 Word Weavers Club Contest
LABELS:  WORD WEAVERS,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  CLUB CONTEST,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809  ,&sid=50eb7f6fa47c678404b042fb03f48809
Posted: Word Weavers Club, 02 Mar 14, 11:40 by DarrylH    Comments: 0

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