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easy-Speak Training

District 59 Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Monaco

District 95 Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden

District 107 Andorra, Portugal and Spain

District 108 Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

District 109 Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, FYR Macedonia, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City

District 110 Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rep. of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine

District U Undistricted Clubs in Europe

Easy-Speak Support  

Welcome at the easySPEAK Support Website of the Distrikt 95!

Easy-Speak Features

 easySPEAK Features / easySPEAK Funktionen

EasySPEAK is a free service for all Toastmasters clubs, areas, and divisions. It is a communications tool for district officers to reach each other and all club officers. It is also a free public relations website for each club/area/division and a full range of customizable "back-office" features for running the business of a club, area, or division.

EasySPEAK ist ein kostenloses Angebt für alle Toastmasters Clubs Areas und Divisions. Es ist ein Kommunikationswerkzeug für Distrikt-Amtsinhaber/innen, um sich gegenseitig und alle Club-Amtsträger/innen zu erreichen. Es ist auch eine kostenlose PR-Website für jeden Club/Area/Division und eine vollständige Palette von anpassbaren "Backoffice-Funktionen" für die Verwaltung eines Clubs, einer Area oder einer Division.

The functions in detail / Die Funktionen im einzelnen

  • Automate meeting planing (club, Officer Training, …) / automatisierte Planung der Clubtreffen, Offizer Trainings, ...
  • Membership list and club, area, division, district membershipp lists / Listen der Mitglieder und Funktionsträger
  • Track and support members‘ development / Enwicklung und Fortschritt der Mitglieder festhalten und planen
  • Mass E-Mail to member and fuctions/roles / E-Mail Verteiler für Mitglieder, und Funktionsträger
  • Full web-site for each club, area, division and district / Eigenständige Webseite unf Club, Area, Division und Distrikt
  • pre-prepared Toastmaster content / Vorbereitete Toastmaster Standardtexte
  • News System / Nachrichtensystem
  • Knowledge Base and FAQ / Wissensdatenbank und häufige Fragen
  • Online discussion and voting / Online Forum und Abstimmungen
  • Member surveys / Umfragen unter den Mitgliedern
  • Candidates Corner, Conferences, Calendar, … / Kalender, Konferenzen, Kadidaten-Vorstellung, ...
easySPEAK Help

easySPEAK Help / easySPEAK Hilfe

There is a lot of support to understand this extensive system.

Um dieses umfangreiche System zu verstehen gibt es sehr viel Unterstützung, leider nur auf Englisch.

easySPEAK made easy


Facebook groups

The facebook group Easy-Speak community is very helpful to read some lectures, ask questions, and get a easySPEAK mentor. If you know easySPEAK quite well, be so friendly and register as a mentor in this facebook group.

Learning plattform and test-system

Help at

Use the menu at the top of this site to navigate to the discussion forum (also in other language), the knowledge map, or the FAQ. If you want to support the easySPEAK plattform, you can donate some money here.

easySPEAK Support TEAM

EasySPEAK Supprt Manager (ESM)

If you have questions about EasySpeak, don't hesitate to contact your EasySpeak Support Manager 2019/20 of your Division.

  • Division A: Christian Block
  • Division B: Elizabeth Norstedt
  • Division C: Sascha Goldmann
  • Division D: Axel Krauth
  • Division E:
  • Division F: Peter Blaskoda (Stefan Krauße)
  • Division G: Vishwas Agarwal

The easySPEAK Support Lead 2019/20 is Andrea Techlin (Divsion C).

An overview of the ES Support organisation can be found here (September 2019).

easySPEAK for Division and Area Directors

EasySPEAK for Division and Area Directors

Do you want to spread information to your clubs, members, and officers more effectively? You can use easySPEAK to do so! It is easier than you may think!


Each Division has an easySPEAK page with an a unique URL:

These are the Start-Pages of the Divisions in easySPEAK, where the division director, the division PR Manager, and the Division easySPEAK Support Manager (ESM) can edit everything.

Each Area has an easySPEAK page with an unique URL, too:

These are the Start-Pages of the Areas in easySPEAK, where the area director, and the Division easySPEAK Support Manager (ESM) can edit everything.  


You may want to discuss and clarify within your Division where to put which information. Example: Should all contest dates be listed on the division page or on the area pages?

Beneath every text-box, you can click on "edit text". Then you can change the text in this box, like you edit a word-document. And when you click on "edit page layout"  at the top, you can add and edit new pages in the first menu "Division X". You can change the layout and boxes, too. Some division / area directors edit the pages by themselves, others learn it together with their ESM or Division PRM, others delegate everything to their ESM / PRM. It is up to you!


You can find help how to edit the pages here:

  • short Video: edit an easySPEAK page, 10 minutes
  • And your easySPEAK Support Manager (ESM) will help you. Where to find out your ESM? Look at the box above.


Join the Support Team

Would you like to volunteer to serve on the easy-Speak Support Team? It's a fun and educational project to work on.  Besides being the important centralized communication and administration tool it is, easy-Speak also provides an exciting and practical experience for those of us wanting to learn about developing, administering and training of a professional database management system. We are learning real lessons that we can apply in the real world of business and community organizations.

Since 2008, there has been a small group of us who have introduced easy-Speak to the clubs and supported all its users throughout District 59 as our official communication tool. The summary information (club name, location, officers list) for all chartered and prospective clubs of District 59 is already, or should be, registered in the easy-Speak directory. More and more clubs are discovering the value of actively using the PR and club management tools of the system (e.g., tracking projects, goals and attendance). So, the task of supporting all the users has grown to a point where we need to coordinate and improve our support method, now and in the future. So, we have set up a dynamic support model to last through the years. Basically, there will be four teams: local user support, global user support, system support and software development.

The Support Model:

IT Support: This role offers localised user support in a club, an area or a division.  'Someone who has access and permissions in THAT unit to help a VPE, AG or DG with the use of the program in that unit.' This means that at the club, area or division level, the IT Support has permissions in that particular club, area or division only. Whereas the TM_ADMIN has global permissions in all units of the district. Note that the TM_ADMIN person will support the IT Support people in her/his division, and may or may not also choose to be the IT Support in any particular club, area or division.

User Support: We have a team of eleven "Toastmaster Administrators", one in each division directory, who coordinate training and user support for their own division. Besides access to the Control Panel for their own division, however, each TM_ADMIN has access to the Control Panel for all clubs, areas and divisions in District 59. So, they can help out in their division and help out a neighboring TM_ADMIN, if needed. This team is led by the District PR Officer and there are conference calls from time to time to share ideas and experience.

System Administration: There is a small group of System Administrators whose task is system maintenance. Think of such tasks as daily back-ups, merging multiple usernames, deleting or unblocking users. They will also be the ones who handle requests from a district officer to set-up any club that has a TI club number, change a club’s name, change a 'summary club' into an 'active' one, or change a club's status to 'dormant' when it stops operating.

Software Development: There are several separate systems of easy-Speak being used by hundreds of clubs around the world. Toastmaster Malcolm Warden in England (District 71) is the 'father' and webmaster of easy-Speak. He remains very active in daily operations and works with a Software Development team of multi-national volunteers to release regular upgrades to the system.

Webmastering: Malcolm Warden, in England, is the Webmaster for the whole easy-Speak system and other installations of similar systems around the world. Any webmaster in District 59, however, works on websites that are OUTSIDE the easy-Speak system. In District 59, the district, several divisions and many clubs have their own independent website that is maintained and used mainly for public relations. Any of these websites may have a webmaster whose duties may include ensuring that the web server, hardware and software are operating accurately, designing the website, generating and revising web pages, replying to user comments, and examining traffic through the site. Note that the free and easy-to-use PR Portal features of easy-Speak may give reason for any clubs, areas and divisions to reconsider the need for maintaining and paying for an independent website.

Toastmasters is all about self-development in a useful and fun way. And, like the rest of Toastmasters, the easy-Speak system is a very important learning tool. Enjoy using it!


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