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easy-Speak Training

District 59 Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Monaco

District 95 Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden

District 107 Andorra, Portugal and Spain

District 108 Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

District 109 Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, FYR Macedonia, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City

District 110 Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rep. of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine

District U Undistricted Clubs in Europe

Easy-Speak Training      








A Toastmaster has created an online training course called ‘easy-Speak Made Easy’
- a new online course for Toastmasters in using easy-Speak. You can go straight to the online form here.


In 2012 we produced several training seminar recordings.  Click here for our YouTube channel to see all the recordings. 

Also, look under Help Options on the main menu bar to find other training videos, the Knowledge Base with articles about Using This Site of Easy-Speak, and the discussion forums "How do I...? " and "Problems"

easy-Speak is a free service for all Toastmasters clubs, areas, and divisions. It is a communications tool for district officers to reach each other and all club officers.  It is also a free public relations website for each club/area/division and a full range of customizable "back-office" features for running the business of a club, area, or division.

Back in February 2012 we praticed giving training webinars, but they were technically very difficult to produce and the recordings are of poor quality.  So, now we are looking for volunteers to create screencasts for everyone to learn from. 

Watch recordings of past webinars and, you might want to check out the training videos.
Post any questions, comments or requests in the EasySpeak Training Forum

Schedule Upcoming Trainings

If you are new to easy-Speak, join the webinar called "New Users." For the other trainings, you should know the basics of easy-Speak.

Click on the direct link below to particpate WITHOUT REGISTERING on the webinar website.  Afterwards, please return to us the Webinar Evauation Form

Training for:
Webinar Description / Presented by / Language / Duration
Date/Time (CET timezone)
Vice President

Everything about using easy-Speak as Vice President Education, including setting up meetings agendas, scheduling speakers and meeting roles, tracking goals, communication and leadership awards, updating members profile, the settings in the Club Control Panel, and choosing the Toastmaster of the Year. / Tuire Vuolasvirta / English / one hour  CLICK HERE TO LOG ON 
Tuire asks you to submit your questions in advance for this webinar: Click here.

Vice President

Everything about using easy-Speak as Vice President Membership, including tracking visitors until they become members and surveying the needs of members.  / Bill Monsour / English / one hour GO TO WEBINAR   Download the Webinar Slides

finishedVice President
Public Relations
Everything about using easy-Speak as Vice President PR, including editing the PR Portal, blogging for members and for potential members, and linking to social networks. / Bill Monsour / English / one hour CLICK HERE TO LOG ON


Club President Everything about using easy-Speak as Club President, including sending club email, tracking DCP progress, choosing the Toastmaster of the Year, reaching other Area Council members and District Officers, and the Club Control Panel. / Bill Monsour / English / one hour  CLICK HERE TO LOG ON


New Users

An introduction to easy-Speak for anyone who is a new Toastmaster in our district or who is new to easy-Speak. The training includes how to set up your user profile, how to request speeches, to track your communication and leadership awards, and a whole lot more. / Roeland Perdaens / English / one hour  CLICK HERE TO LOG ON

IT Support Everything about using easy-Speak as the IT_Support for your club, area or division, including the Club Control Panel, the Problem Forum and the Knowledge Base. / Bill Monsour / English / one hour CLICK HERE TO LOG ON


Area or Div. Governors Everything about using easy-Speak as Area or Division Governor, including sending area/division email to your area council or all of your club officers, tracking DCP progress, viewing various TI performance reports, setting up your website and setting up officer trainings and conferences. / Bill Monsour / English / one hour finished
Recordings of Past Trainings


Click here to visit the easy-Speak YouTube Channel for all our Training & Tutorial Videos
 Vice President Public Relations
 Club Presidents  
 Vice President Membership




Join the Support Team

Would you like to volunteer to serve on the easy-Speak Support Team? It's a fun and educational project to work on.  Besides being the important centralized communication and administration tool it is, easy-Speak also provides an exciting and practical experience for those of us wanting to learn about developing, administering and training of a professional database management system. We are learning real lessons that we can apply in the real world of business and community organizations.

Since 2008, there has been a small group of us who have introduced easy-Speak to the clubs and supported all its users throughout District 59 as our official communication tool. The summary information (club name, location, officers list) for all chartered and prospective clubs of District 59 is already, or should be, registered in the easy-Speak directory. More and more clubs are discovering the value of actively using the PR and club management tools of the system (e.g., tracking projects, goals and attendance). So, the task of supporting all the users has grown to a point where we need to coordinate and improve our support method, now and in the future. So, we have set up a dynamic support model to last through the years. Basically, there will be four teams: local user support, global user support, system support and software development.

The Support Model:

IT Support: This role offers localised user support in a club, an area or a division.  'Someone who has access and permissions in THAT unit to help a VPE, AG or DG with the use of the program in that unit.' This means that at the club, area or division level, the IT Support has permissions in that particular club, area or division only. Whereas the TM_ADMIN has global permissions in all units of the district. Note that the TM_ADMIN person will support the IT Support people in her/his division, and may or may not also choose to be the IT Support in any particular club, area or division.

User Support: We have a team of eleven "Toastmaster Administrators", one in each division directory, who coordinate training and user support for their own division. Besides access to the Control Panel for their own division, however, each TM_ADMIN has access to the Control Panel for all clubs, areas and divisions in District 59. So, they can help out in their division and help out a neighboring TM_ADMIN, if needed. This team is led by the District PR Officer and there are conference calls from time to time to share ideas and experience.

System Administration: There is a small group of System Administrators whose task is system maintenance. Think of such tasks as daily back-ups, merging multiple usernames, deleting or unblocking users. They will also be the ones who handle requests from a district officer to set-up any club that has a TI club number, change a club’s name, change a 'summary club' into an 'active' one, or change a club's status to 'dormant' when it stops operating.

Software Development: There are several separate systems of easy-Speak being used by hundreds of clubs around the world. Toastmaster Malcolm Warden in England (District 71) is the 'father' and webmaster of easy-Speak. He remains very active in daily operations and works with a Software Development team of multi-national volunteers to release regular upgrades to the system.

Webmastering: Malcolm Warden, in England, is the Webmaster for the whole easy-Speak system and other installations of similar systems around the world. Any webmaster in District 59, however, works on websites that are OUTSIDE the easy-Speak system. In District 59, the district, several divisions and many clubs have their own independent website that is maintained and used mainly for public relations. Any of these websites may have a webmaster whose duties may include ensuring that the web server, hardware and software are operating accurately, designing the website, generating and revising web pages, replying to user comments, and examining traffic through the site. Note that the free and easy-to-use PR Portal features of easy-Speak may give reason for any clubs, areas and divisions to reconsider the need for maintaining and paying for an independent website.

Toastmasters is all about self-development in a useful and fun way. And, like the rest of Toastmasters, the easy-Speak system is a very important learning tool. Enjoy using it!


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